#6 Texas @ Central Florida - September 15, 2007

On the beautiful UCF campus at the library fountain

Smart tailgaters set up in the shade of the trees

Buy a UCF shirt before heading into the swamp

The pre-game party is going strong on the main mall

Carry a 12pk or drag your own cooler to some shade

Pizza is available to water down the beer

Head to the new basketball arena to look for scalpers

Pay $80 for a $45 ticket & head back by the swamp

Change shirts & hunt down the HornFans gathering

Find Russell Goslin, mom, and friends

Russell & David are both pursuing graduate degrees

Time to start heading toward the stadium

UCF's brand new stadium will its first game today

Today is also UCF's first ever on-campus game

UCF band is ready to make their first entrance

Clear the band and look for the stands

Upstairs to the visitor's corner in the upper deck

They are not in line for water, there are no faucets

Get my first view of the perfect bowl-like stadium

Behold Brighthouse Stadium, home of the Knights

Texas fans fill up the five corner sections

Find fellow Houstonian Rick Harsch at the game

UCF officials open the stadium for football

The Knight's pom squad celebrates

The Texas Longhorns enter the field

UCF mascot fetches the sword from the 50yd line

Don't bring a cardboard sign to a sword fight!

UCF Knights enter the field during the coin flip

Kid friendly, marketing mascot runs with the team

The Longhorn Band fires up the visiting fans

Texas kicks-off and forces a three and out

Jamaal Charles rushes for no gain on the 1st play

Colt finds Quan on the sideline as Limas blocks

Colt finds Nate Jones upfield for a 1st down

Jamaal rushes 27 yds for a 1st down to the 19

Shipley gallops for a first down on a fake punt

Colt runs right, looking for Jones in the endzone

He finds Nate but the pass is batted down

Colt tries to runs on 3rd & Goal at the 6 yd line . . .

. . . but is pushed out of bounds at the 2 yd line

Ryan Bailey kicks it through, Texas up 3-0

Four 20+ yard plays later, UCF is at the doorstep

UCF punches it in and takes a 7-3 lead

Lightning strikes, literally, for a 15 min game delay

Colt to Quan for a 1st down to the 40 yd line

Jamaal Charles picks up the 1st down to the 8 yd line

Colt to Nate for a 6yd TD pass, Texas up 10-7

58yd kickoff leads to a 47yd FG for UCF, game tied

Colt tries to remedy the score with another drive

Jamaal Charles fumbles the ball away on the 3

UCF fumbles it back; refs rule this pass uncatchable

So Texas goes for 3 and misses, score still 10-10

70 yd drive ends with this pass to the endzone

The penalty is on UCF, Texas takes a 2 TD lead !

UT Fans cheer but official replay overturns the TD

So Bailey kicks a FG as the half ends, Texas up 20-10

Only the UCF band performs at halftime

The rain clouds gather for the 3rd quarter

Get your Horns up for the start of the 3rd quarter

UCF kicks off to Texas to start the 2nd half

28yd Charles rush sets up a 42yd FG, Texas up 23-10

UCF scores a TD while the rain comes down

UCF back on the goal line as the 4th qtr starts

QB Israel punches it in on 4th down for a UCF lead

UCF fans cheer their unlikely 24-23 lead in the 4th

Colt gets back to work and hands off to Ogbonnaya

Colt gets the 1st down & sets up another Texas FG

3 mins later, Charles sets up UT's 5th FG of the night

Cheerleaders celebrate a fumble recovery leading to

Jamaal Charles' 46 yd TD rush to put the game away

Texas D forces a punt, but Charles fumbles again

And UCF makes it interesting after a 2pt conversion

But UT's Brandon Foster scoops up the onside kick

Texas takes a knee, runs out clock, and survives

The Horns sing the school song with their fans

The fans join in on the The Eyes of Texas

After starting out 0-4, David is now 5-5 in out-of-state
Longhorn games & has now seen UT win 101 times

Texas wins in Florida for the 1st time since defeating
#1 Alabama in the Orange Bowl on January 1st, 1965