Trip to El Paso, Texas - September 5-7, 2008
View Texas/UTEP Game at the Sun Bowl

The Pride of Barbados blooms in El Paso
Musical Accompaniment while Viewing (551Kb)

Drive by UTEP on the way to New Mexico

The Franklyn Mountains are off to the east

Crops on either side of Highway 28

Chili fields in the foreground and Franklyn Mountains in the background along Highway 28 in New Mexico

Arrive at our destination of La Mesa, New Mexico

Pat & David must wait a few minutes til opening time

Grab a table, make an order ,and finally, Brad
is ready to dig into a Chopes combo platter

David gets a colorado & verde enchilada combo
with taco & world famous chili relleno

Head next door to the bar for a 40oz Tecate
and put it in an ice bucket to keep it cool

The sun begins to set & the bikers start to arrive who
wonder, "Why are all these longhorn fans here?"

It takes big strong arms and hands to drive this baby!

Time for the outsider longhorn fans to depart intact!

Take the Hwy 28 Oņate Trail to Las Cruses and I-10

Pass through pecan groves on the Oņate Trail

David toasts the host at Jaxon's Brewpub in El Paso

See fellow Texas Ex Rick for the 2nd roadtrip in a row

Rafa's burritos for Saturday morning breakfast

Brad about to find out how good he is at spanish

16 inch long, 4 inch diameter burrito for $4

Toss on the hatch green chili sauce & ĄAy, caramba!

I'd climb a 12ft barb wire fence for another burrito!

Buy a church key at the Budweiser gift store

Pass by the Alamo Ballroom on 820 N Raynor

The boys enjoy a pre-game feast at Kiki's Restaurant

Brad orders the caldillo, a spicy green chile stew
made with lots of meat, potatoes, green chilies,
and Kiki's own secret seasonings

David orders the machaca grilled with brisket, onions,
tomatoes, & green chilies, egg, & covered with an
addictive green sauce & cheese, plus rice & beans

Take the Scenic Drive from town to UTEP

Looking down on El Paso with Juarez in the distance

The scenic drive is cut into the mountain side

Tourists stop, gawk, and take photos

Down in the west Texas town of El Paso

Beyond the Rio Grand lies Ciudad Juárez

Keep panning right to the hustling & bustling . . .

. . . skyscrapers of downtown El Paso

Zoom in to the Sun Bowl, site of tonight's game

Look back to the parking area of the Scenic stop

Include the tree & wall on the downtown photo

A park with benches extends from parking lot

The road was carved out of the mountainside . . .

. . . paved in 1932 & reconstructed in 1992

Mount Franklyn Scenic Point, elevation 4,222 ft

Time to head to campus and scout out scalpers

Head back down the mountain past the radio towers

Need a cold one or two after picking up some tickets

Brad, Dave, and David start hitting the cold ones

Pat, Brad, and Dave are photoed from the backside

David focuses on an inspiration, Ernest Hemingway

An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk
to spend time with his fools
- E.H.

The Jack Daniels' girls help Dave gain EH's mindset

Dave is now ready to spend some time with his fools

Brad's turn to concur with Hemingway's wise

I never had to choose a subject, my subject
rather choses me
- EH

Hesitation increases in relation to risk
in equal proportion to age
- E.H.

So pour it on ladies, while we're young!

I know that what is moral is what you feel good after
& what is immoral is what you feel bad after
- E.H.

No, really, I feel great, let's get another round
then head to the game
View Texas/UTEP Game at the Sun Bowl

Return to Kiki's after Rafa's was closed

Pat wisely choses a Machaca for lunch

The Daves both go for the enchiladas Verde

Nice view downhill beyond the Baca Liqores Store

Check out of the Wingate by Wyndham

Dave takes the Cadillac back to Albuquerque

Drink beer & watch the Steelers whip the Texans

David finds a Weinerschnitzel in Texas, Alleluia!

Damn, what to get? Hot dogs, chili, & then what?

Wow, I don't remember having so many choices

Go for a kraut dog & chili cheese dog - so fine!

This bag presents so many opportunities for fun!

My first weinerschnitzel kraut dog in 11 years!

Banned Commercial on YouTube

Statue of Juan de Oņate y Salazar now called
The Equestrian after Native American protested
the honoring of Oņate, a brutal conqueror

John Wayne's customized SUV at El Paso airport

Southwest flight 697 is ready to take us home

View Texas/UTEP Game at the Sun Bowl