Battle for the Bayou Bucket - November 29, 2008

Walk to the stadium from Rice Village Restaurants

Pass by the Cougar tailgate parties

Rice Stadium, the home of Superbowl VIII

General admission sold out so no line at the box office

Many fans hope for an extra $14 general admission tix

Crap, I guess we gotta buy $35 Reserved Seats

Finally get inside after finding the open box office

Behold, Rice Stadium, and filled with 35,534 fans

Allan poses with the game in progress background

Bill hasn't seen his Cougs play in person in quite awhile

Big donor suites above the nicely covered endzone

Decent crowd over on the Rice side as well

Casey punches it in from 1 yd out, Rice up 7-0

UH answers with a 43yd pass to Castile from Keenum

Mannisto ties the game (7-7) with a good extra point

Clement completes a 23yd pass to Casey to the 19

Clement rushes 8 yds for the TD, Rice up 14-7

UH responds by driving down the field for a 1st & goal

UH's Beall is stopped on the 2 as the 1st quarter ends

UH cheerleaders prepare to celebrate the quarter's end

Beall punches it in on the first play of the 2nd quarter

Houston ties up the game 14-14

3 plays later, Clement to Wardlow 53yd TD, Rice 21-14

Keenum pass tipped on 2nd down at the UH 26 for INT

Raines INT with one hand in cast, return to the 11

First Clement, then Casey rushes move the ball to the 2

Clement to Casey 2yd TD pass puts Rice up 28-14

UH drives to the Rice 24 and then misses a 41 yd FG

Rice drive finishes with a Clement to Casey 23 yd TD

Rice cheerleaders somersault and wave the RICE flags

Two failed UH drives give Rice a 21 point lead

You can hear the flapping of the owl wings in the stands

UH drives as Keenum hits Carrier with a pass to the 36

3yd Keenum to Johnson TD pass, now Rice 35 - UH 21

Rice fails to score in 1:06 before halftime starts

Rice hits the locker room with a 14 point lead

Marching Owl Band (MOB) members get into position . .

. . . for the halftime show with babies along for the ride

The visiting Cougar Band performs first

Long concession lines prevent viewing the MOB's show

The Cougar Band is back in place along with their fans

Rice prepares to kickoff to UH who will go 3 & out

Rice drive ends with Clement to Casey 9yd TD pass

Next UH drive, Kohn picks up 4yds to the Rice 22

Keenum to Castile for a 22yd TD pass, Rice 42- UH 28

Rice dancers perform before the following kickoff

Casey picks up a 1st down on a 5yd run to the UH 45

Clement to Dixon 15yd TD pass makes it Rice 49 - UH 28

UH drives to the Rice 4, but fails to score on 4th down

Rice Cheerleaders do the 21 point lead hand stand

Casey to Wardlow 3yd TD pass has owl wings flapping

Keenum to Carrier 1 play 34yd TD after 19yd punt return

Mannisto extra point gets UH within 21, Rice up 56-35

Rice tries to run out the clock w/a short pass to Smiter

Rice punts and Houston gets the ball on their own 38

Helmet-to-helmet hit causes Carrier to fumble on Rice 10

Ugokwe rushes 8yds on 1st down after the turnover

Castile 17yd TD from Keenum makes it Rice 56 - UH 42

Final UH drive fails to score as time runs out

Rice defeats Houston for the first time since 2004

Tulsa, not UH, will face East Carolina for C-USA Champ

The Bayou Bucket makes its way to the Rice players

The Bucket is presented to Coach Bailiff & his players

Rice wins the bucket for the 10th time in 35 tries vs UH

First 9 win season since the '54 Cotton Bowl Bama win

2 bowl games in 3 years for Rice after a 45 year drought