Texas vs. Rice at Reliant Stadium - September 4th, 2010

Park the Golf in the Yellow Cash Lot - only $20!

Pass the bubble & head to the bridge over Kirby

Pick up lower section seats on the 2 yd line, 10 rows up

Sit within smelling distance of Bevo XIV

Marching Owl Band plays The Star Spangled Banner

The cheerleaders lead the Texas football team out

The Longhorns, in visitor white, rush the field

Stop at the far endzone for a prayer

Rice cheerleaders lead the home team out

Rice Owls, in solid navy, rush the field

McGuffie takes the ball 4yds on the 1st play

McHargue calls the signals with McGuffie back left

Kitchens drops a TD pass nullified by offsetting penalties

McGuffie doubles back and loses 7 yds (this ain't CyFair)

McHargue gets sacked so Rice settles for the FG, go up 3-0

Rice kickoffs go to the 30yd line all day, Jones returns

Gilberts 1st snap as starter, handoff for 1 yd rushing

Johnson picks up 18 on the 2nd play, 1st down!

Rice stops Texas on four straight rushes from the 4yd line

A Rice INT & a loss of 7yds after 3 plays, UT makes it 3-3

Rice drives to the UT 30 and misses a 48yd FG

Newton rushes 11yds to the Rice 10yd line, 1st down!

Newton picks up 4 & 5 yds on 1st & 2nd down

Texas has looked feeble the last two possessions

Time to punch it in!   Gilbert hands-off to Newton

Who scores Texas' first TD of the season, UT up 10-3

A Rice QB sack/fumble return for TD, then a 3 & out next possession, has UT on the 1 after a 31yd pass to Chiles

Newton punches it in for the TD, Texas up 24-3

Kitchens catches a deflected 47yd pass for a Rice TD

Bevo XIV finds David in the crowd, only at Reliant Stadium

Longhorn Band takes the field first

Bevo carefully watches the Rice Band as they go by

The MOB makes fun of UT TV station in their skit

The MOB's skit has Bevo trying to pick a mate (from fellow TX teams) like on The Bachelor (it never makes sense)

Of course Bevo, picks Reveille (TV antenna in background)

Thank goodness, the football team reenters the field

Rice avoids the speedsters & kick to the 31, Jones returns

1st play of 2nd half, Johnson rushes 6yds to the Rice 44

Newton picks up 9yds in 3 carries on UT's 2nd possession

Gold's 1st punt of the game with 9mins left in the 3rd

3rd drive sputters after a 47 yd pass to Williams

Tucker misses a 44yd FG from the Rice 27yd line

Texans' Jacoby Jones's shirt is 2nd most obnoxious here

Goodwin takes a 16yd pass to the Rice 2yd line

Newton pushes in his 3rd TD of the day, UT up 31-10

Goodwin rushes 19yds to the Rice 34yd line

Tucker hits a 26yd FG from the Rice 8, UT up 34-10

Bevo shows off his grand champion colors

Case McCoy's first collegiate snap, with 5:47 left to play

Rice subs come in, sophomore QB Cook plays a series

McGuffie watches from the sidelines on Rice's final drive

Texas fumbles a punt, Rice punches it in 3 plays, 34-17

Rice cheerleaders celebrate the late score

UT runs out the clock with a final a rush

Both teams meet at midfield and shake hands for a game well played

Texas won but Rice played them tough

Former Longhorn, current Texan Kasey Studdard poses

The team finds the corner with the Longhorn Band . . .

. . . and the Longhorn faithful sing The Eyes of Texas