Texas @ Ole Miss - September 15th, 2012

Run "The Grove" Gauntlet outside the Ole Miss Stadium

Finally moved to the side to let the football team through

Fans greet and encourage their Ole Miss players

ESPN follows the players and gets fan reaction

Better watch what I say and do with that camera on me

Most even shook a longhorn fan's hand while passing by

Team finally passes by and we can then continue our trek

Pay $100 for $75 ticket and head to the stadium

Follow the masses to the stadium on the horizon

Our friend from UTEP!   Vaught-Hemingway Stadium

Football player statue in the All-American Plaza

Endzone w/suites grand entrance, we're on the other side

First view after entering gates at the other endzone

View of stadium Dave and my seats, Brad down on 3rd row

Longhorns warm up 1.5 hours before kickoff

Time to switch to the 300mm lens!

Bevo XIV made the trip to Oxford

Mack sees me watching and turns away before clapping

The sun goes down and the players finish their warmups

Fans cheer as the Horns head back to the locker room

Ole Miss band pours onto the field and plays school song with zero recorded rap song interludes

Real school marching band covers the whole football field


Band lines up in front of the home stands

Local sailor Generald Wilson sang God Bless America

2012 Miss America Laura Kaeppeler sang national anthem

Third largest attendance ever enjoyed every note

Team captains meet for the coin flip

The Ole Miss Cheerleaders lead the football team out

The cheerleaders keep coming to our side of the field

Then the Longhorns discreetly enter the field

Longhorns kickoff, Rebels get one first down and punt

Bergeron's first rush for 11yds to the 26yd line

Bergeron picks up 3yds on 1st down

Ash to Shipley for 1 yd on 3rd down, Texas punts

Edmond intercepts Wallace's pass & races 22yds for a TD

Ole Miss fans not appreciative of Longhorn exuberance

Ole Miss 3 & out;   Bergeron picks up 9 but false start

Brown rushes for 25yds to the Miss 23, 1st down!

Ash to Shipley incomplete on 3rd & 13, FG time

Jordan connects on a 31yd FG, Texas now up 10-0

Ole Miss starts on their own 11 & marches down the field

Jeff Scott goes 15yds to the Texas 3 - 1st Qtr Ends

Ole Miss scores a TD on the far end, & now trail 7-10

3 plays later, Goodwin does an end round & clears the line

Goodwin takes it to the HOUSE 69yd down the field

Sshhh, Texas is now up 17-7, a minute into the 2nd qtr

Wallace rushes for 15 yards to the Miss 38 for a 1st down.

Brunetti completes a 36yd pass Moncrief to the Texas 23

Ole Miss settles for a 39yd FG, Ole Miss down 10-17

Ash tosses 47yd pass to Goodwin & 3yd TD pass to Grant

Ole Miss drives until a Diggs INT on the Texas 14

Quandre returns the INT 11yds to the Texas 25

Bergeron wildcat rush for 4yds to the Texas 44

Shipley runs 7yds to the Miss 45 for a 1st down

Ash complete Davis for 5yds to the Miss 40 on 1st down

Ash to Brown for 6yds to the Miss 34 for a 1st down

Brown rush for 3 yards to the Miss 12

Bergeron rush for 5 yards to the Miss 2 for a 1ST down

2nd & Goal after Bergeron stopped on the 1

Ash to Roberson for 1yd TD pass

Jordan makes it 31-10 with 12 seconds left before halftime

Best tackle of the game was of the streaker at halftime

Longhorns come back onto the field after halftime

Ole Miss cheerleaders lead the football team out

Brown gets no yards on Texas' 1st play of the 2nd half

Brown makes it to the Texas 46 after a 9yd pass

Goodwin runs 11yds to the Miss 26 for a 1st down

Monroe runs left 10yds for a TD, Texas us 38-10

On 3rd & 2, Wallace to Moncrief for a 75yd TD

Next possession, Ash to #5 Hills for 9yds to the 22

From the Texas 47, Ash hits Davis for 45yds to the Miss 8

Ash pass to Daniels on 2nd & Goal is incomplete

So let Brown punch it in from 5 out, Texas up 45-17

Scott answers with a 48yd TD run, Rebels down 24-45

Brown runs 6yds to the Miss 48 after a Shipley 23yd pass

Brown runs 7yds to the Miss 41 for a 1st down

Ash pass Davis for 46yd TD, Texas up 52-24

Rebel fans do not celebrate with Mike afterward

Wallace INT to Diggs at the the Ole Miss 29, 3rd qtr ends

Brown runs 10 yds for a 1st down to the Ole Miss 12

Then Brown punches it from 12 out, Texas up 59-24

Walton kickoff return for a 65yd TD, Ole Miss down 31-59

Ole Miss cheerleaders watch Goodwin's 55yd TD reception

Ole Miss does not convert 4th down at the Texas 42

Hills gets it to the 5 after 8 straight Gray runs

Roberson is stopped on 1yd line without scoring

Will I see Texas score 70 for only the 3rd time?

Nope, McCoy fumbles (on purpose?) and refuses to score

Ole Miss runs one play and the game is over

Opposing players meet midfield post game

Majority of Ole Miss fan have already left for the parties

The side with fewer Texas fans looks just as sparse

Final score: Ole Miss 31 & Texas 66

Longhorn players walk to the endzone with Texas fans

And sing The Eyes of Texas with the loyal followers

Brad, David, & Dave's 5th out of state game in 5 years

David is 9-6 out of state and 28-14 in away games

The Rebel flag still flies over the state of Mississippi
Little Rock Tupelo/Oxford Texas/Ole Miss Memphis Graceland