Rice Wins 2013 C-USA - December 7th, 2013

Rice hosts the 2013 Conference USA championship game

Rice faces Marshall for the conference championship

35° with 10° windchill really limits the crowd

Marshall takes the field first

Both sides of the championship get an official entrance

Then Rice takes the field

Lots of bare skin out there in this cold

$20 front row, upper deck, 50 yard seats!

Marshall kicks off to Rice

Rice starts on their 18 and promptly marches

Rice picks up 3 first downs to set up the big play

35yd halfback pass from Turner to Moore for a TD

Next possession ends quick with a 75yd TD pass

Longest championship TD pass puts Rice up 14-0

Marshall calls their best play to start this possession

Marshall gets two first downs and pass midfield

Marshall punts from the Rice 41 to the 1 yd line

QB rushes for 3 yards in two plays

The won't be expecting a 3rd straight QB run, will they?

McHargue busts a 22 yd run for a 1st down!

2 runs and incomplete pass forces Rice's first punt

Cato complete a 20yd pass for a first down

35yd pass almost intercepted at the 5 yd line

1st quarter ends with Rice up 14-0

Rice cheerleaders perform between the quarters

Marshall starts the 2nd qtr on the Rice 42

Cato runs for 10 yds to the Rice 32, 1st down!

17yd pass from Cato to Gator for a Marshall 1st down

Cato finds no one open on 3rd and 5

Marshall settles for a FG, Rice still up 14-3

The famous Rice Stadium upper deck meat locker is empty

Not missing the windchill on the Rice side goalline

Don't arrive in time to photo Rice's 3rd TD, up 21-3

Rice cheerleaders fire up the crowd

Cato picks up a 1st down of 3rd and 8

Cato picks up 3 yds for a 1st down on the Rice 28

Cato scrambles while looking for the open man

Cato completes a pass to the Rice 1 yd line

Johnson punches in Marshall's first TD, Rice up 21-10

A fan moves in front of me, of course he's got to stand up

Both teams trade five punts, ending the half, Rice 21-10

Head to The Roost on the visitor side upper deck

Grab a $6.50 pint of Bud Light and go back into the wind

Marching Owl Band performs their halftime show

Too cold to hear with a cold beer out in the wind chill

Theme: Half the crowd stayed home to avoid the cold

Marshall comes out for the second half

Rice fired up to hit the sub 20's windchill

Never wear white socks with your sandles and shorts!

Shift positions again, lower deck past the Marshall band

Take in the Marshall Band at the opposite goal line

Sit behind the Marshall Pom and cheerleaders

Rice side has a few more people but not much more

Marshall starts its 2nd possession of the third quarter

Cheerleaders get the visitor crowd on its feet

Thundering Herd mascot happy inside the suit today

Field access for bigger lenses?     Hmmm

Push 'em back, push 'em back, waaaaaaaay back!

Turner pitches the ball to Dillard on the option

Dillard takes it in 17yds for the TD, EP hits upright

Cato incomplete pass on 2nd & 10 at the Marshall 20

Cato rushes for 9 on 3rd down, Marshall punts

Rice marches to the Marshall 8 yd line

Turner 8 yd TD pass to Cella, Rice up 34-10

Ross and Cella celebrate extending the lead

Switch positions to start the 4th quarter

Get closer to the Rice sideline for post game photos

Marshall marches this possession the the Rice 18

Marshall picks up a 4th and six to the Rice 8

Cato to Taliaferro on 2nd and Goal

Taliaferro crosses the goal line, Rice still up 34-17

Rice huddles up with 11 minutes left in the game

McHargue option handoff to Ross for a 3 yd run

Two players huddle around the only heater on the field

Rice gets the ball on downs at the Marshall 38

Ross rumbles 16yds for another Rice TD, up 41-17

The Roost toasts Rice's impending conference crown

Marshall calls their scariest plays of the day

Marshall drives 82 yds across the field

With 1st & Goal on the Rice 3, Cato scrambles

Cato finds an open man in the endzone corner

Cato to Smith for a 3yd TD pass, Marshall down 24-41

What play should we run, Coach?     Run the ball, baby!

Owls get a final first down & can now run out the clock

A final victory formation and the game ends

Don't disregard the "No fans on the field" announcement

Owl players celebrate with the student body

Rice Owls win their first conference title since 1957

Rambunctious owl fans always in trouble with the law

Don't worry     The stadium jail is quite warm!

Rice Coach Bailiff thanks the fans

The players hoist the Championship Trophy

Once Marshall clears the field, the fans are invited in

Note to self:   The impatient fan is the arrested fan

Wear another layer & grow a longer beard next ~30° game

Conference Title trophy surfs through the crowd

Players and fan alike take turns hoisting the trophy

Many photos taken with the conference title trophy

Hey, the trophy is coming my way!

Get to touch the trophy when it enters the stands

History made - History observed - History recorded!