Texas Bowl - Horns vs. Hogs - Dec. 29th, 2014

Follow enthusiastic Hog fans all the way from Galveston Island

Get two free tickets from the Texas Exes Houston Chapter!

Andy leads the way to the entry gate frisking area

Find the field with Arkansas band playing fiddles & blowing into jugs

Make our way to our free seats in the corner endzone while the Longhorn Band plays in a UT symbol formation

Andy fetches a few cold ones before we find our seats

Longhorn Band makes way for the team to enter the field

The Razorbacks enter the field behind their three Hog flags

Longhorns enter the field behind their Texas flags

Arkansas gets the ball first, one first down, then punts

Bevo hoping for a better showing than last year's 7-30 loss to Oregon

Brown gets a first down on his first run for 11 yards

Swoopes throws an incomplete pass, gets sacked and Texas punts

Hogs start their second possession on the UT 48

Texas forces a fumble after a 20yd pass but the Hogs recover

Horns hold the Hogs to a FG from the 15, Hogs take lead 3-0

Arkansas student out-passes a Texas student during a tv timeout

Arkansas starts their 3rd possession after a Texas 1st down, then punt

QB Allen throws the ball into the endzone on 2nd and 8 at the UT36

Wilson makes the catch and the Hogs go up 10-0

A 3yd rush, two incomplete passes and Texas punts again

Hogs drive for two 1st downs but punt and down the ball on the UT 4yd line

Hog mascot can't believe the Texas endzone fumble for another Hog score

Bevo pissed about the 17-0 deficit to the Hogs, David gets a $10.50 Nacho

Horns sustain a drive and Swoopes' 9yd QB keeper puts Texas on the board

But the Hogs march down the field and get the 7 points back before halftime

Razorback band takes the field at halftime up 24-7

Hog twirler deploys the flaming batons, three of them!

Texas band takes the field and proudly marches out a longhorn

Horn twirler, not be outdone, busts out her three flaming batons!

Hog and Horn bands play together and draw out a star on the field

Halftime stats are ugly and won't be improving much

Hogs players retake the field behind their red & white flags

Texas players take the field after tense halftime discussion

Flags circle around to give me a chance at the full TEXAS photo

Johnson returns the 2nd half opening kickoff to the UT23

Texas goes 3 and out, then Arkansas drives to the UT14

But McFain misses a FG from the 32, score remains 24-7

Cheerleaders try to entertain the crowd by jumping on Bevo

They even plank on Bevo's back using a horn for support

Meanwhile, Swoopes continues to run for his life on every down

After a Gray rush for a loss of 2yds, Swoopes throws 2 incompletes

The 2nd was tossed out of bounds before getting sacked for a safety

Arkanas goes 3 & out, punts, but Shipley trips on the widest hole yet seen

Texas tries to draw up a play that will result in positive yardage

After a rush for minus 2yds, Swoopes throws two more incomplete passes

The 2nd, he chunks out of bounds before sacked for a safety . . . deja vu?

Arkansas runs the ball every play for 9 minutes and scores another TD

Hogs up 31-7, a tad worse than last year's 30-7 loss to Oregon

Leave our top row corner endzone seats for those between the goal lines

Bevo is still watching but turns his head on offensive plays

Cheerleaders try their hardest to keep the fans interested

View of our prior seats above the band on the top row, lower deck

Arkansas tries to run out the clock after another Texas 3 & out

Cheerleaders pose for a friend so I grab a group shot as well

Longhorns try to make something happen on their final possession

They get two 1st downs and double their yardage for the whole game

Longhorns pick up 29 yds in their last possession bumping up their offense to a still worst ever 59 total yards as the final seconds tick off

The gun mercifully fires ending this debacle of a game

After congratulating each other the orange team jogs towards the locker room

The cheerleaders give it one more try to get the fans up on their feet

The players, the band and their families meet in the corner to sing "The Eyes"

The Longhorn Band plays The Eyes of Texas perfectly once again

A decidedly female voice sings The Eyes of Texas

A worst showing than last year's bowl, in more ways than one

And the Hog fans go bananas over a big win over an old rival