Spoetzl Brewery Tour - June 23rd, 2018

Somebody is happy to being visiting the Spoetzl Brewery again!

Opened in 1909 and sold to brewmaster Kosmas Spoetzl in 1915

Andy will forgo the tasting room/gift shop for now to take the tour

Spoetzl's sold the brewery in 1966;   Current owners took over in 1989

First sight inside is that of the cereal cookers

And first time allowed to take photos inside as well

Family reunion Bottle sorter works sometimes and sometime it doesn't

Too excited to finally get a photo of tree carving ram chair to focus

Empty kegs ready to run through the keg cleaning station

Once cleaned, they only need 72 seconds to refill!

Bottle fillers near the wall of the next large room

Labeling machine for bottles directly below

Once filled, the bottle and cans are stored in the giant cooler right

Kegs are filled on the right side of the brewery floor

Can filling station takes up the curve in the L shaped room

Copper was too expensive when it was time to expand production

Step outside to the hospitality tent outside the brewery

Cold beer and tshirts are available in the tent at the entrance

Step inside the gift shop and look for souvenirs

Usually buy a flag after a couple pints but not today

David enjoys an 8oz Premium, Hazy IPA, Dortmunder & Light Blond

Andy enjoys an 8oz Hazy IPA, Wicked Ram IPA, Dortmunder & Salt & Lime

We buy some tshirt and depart toward the parking lot leaving the vast brewery behind us

Someone parked the stylish van in the grass near the pedestrian bridge

Shiner citizens enjoy a walkway shortcut to the brewery from town, don't forget to load up the wagon on the way back

Stroll over to Lockhart to put a little meat in our bellies after the brewery

We give a classmate's business a try over the other 2 establishments

Looking for ribs @ $13.90/lbs, sausage @ $2.80/ea & brisket @ $16.90/lbs

Add tea and cole slaw for a economical $27 lunch!

Andy wisely holds back and keeps his lunch platter under $20

Great shirt but I ate too much meat & drank too much beer for it to fit