Alex's 11th Birthday Party - January 9th, 2019

Alex takes cookies to school to share with her class on her birthday

She enjoys her special day, complete with sombrero, glitter and lei

We celebrate with ice cream sundaes on birthday night

Alex looks forward to opening gifts while Erin watches

Daddy administers the literal "cherry on top"

We always have ice cream on brutally cold Texas winter days

Evie is happy to come and celebrate with her neighbor Alex

Time to open a few gifts on her actual birthday

She gets her first digital camera . . . and it is waterproof!

She also gets Gem Stones Soap Making Kit for a future crafty Saturday

Ahma comes over Friday & brings "a present or two" for her granddaughter

Transfer to the family room and start opening presents

She unwraps a Doc McStuffins Doctor bag, Erin gets a Lego Set

Open the big box and find a mobile animal veterinary kit

Funny face stickers for your tablet or portrait

Erin wants to help but Alex won't let her . . . unwrap an inflatable chair

Ooh, new gray pajamas . . . thank you Ahma!

A Belle doll from Beauty & the Beast who looks like Hermione Granger

And finally, a kitchen playset for Belle to make steaks for Beast!

A quick visit to Freddie's Frozen Custard for good report cards

Daddy helped with the homework too!

Saturday lunch at Galveston's Rainforest Cafe

Alex's Aunts, Uncles and cousins come down to celebrate with her!

Cha! Cha! drops by and wishes Alex a happy birthday

Doug, Bonnie & Jerry smile at Cha! Cha! from the far side of the table

Cheyenne, Erin, Donna, Kristen, Nena, Savanna & Tor celebrate with Alex

David had a big breakfast and settles for the Ahi Poke Tower

Plus, Donna and the girls won't finish their plates anyway!

The Rainforest Crew bring Alex a birthday treat and sing Happy Birthday

She has been directed to flap like a bird while they sing . . . whee!

With song complete, she sits down and blows out the candle

She enjoys a gummie worm that came along with the dessert

Cousins pose with the elephants and one striped giraffe

Tor poses with Atlas who inspires all to save the rainforest

Jerry & Bonnie go to visit sister Cindy when we go to visit the gift shop

The Tree awakens and encourages us to take the Rainforest River Ride

We purchase our $6 tickets and head downstairs to the ride

We buy the group shot taken before our adventure begins

Ahma rides with her five grandchildren

We hope you like screaming Ahma because we are going to let loose!

The next boat approaches so Alex's party is released to adventure

Kristen, Donna, Doug & David encounter leopards on their journey

We approach Aztec ruins at a bend in the river

Creatures hiss and roar at us from the darkness

A herd of giraffes is spooked by sudden lightning strike

Keep your hands inside the boat and paddle quickly out of here

Elephants bellow in an eerie twilight before a storm

Tigers watch us from above & a cub shows off his pull-up strength

We approach a waterfall that thankfully ceases when we approach

A Mayan Temple sun god mumbles at us as we leave it in darkness

We have come through intact and reach the end of our journey

Beware the python in the tree above the gift shop as we depart

The cousins pose before the Rainforest Cafe volcano entrance

Alex shares a bench with Cha! Cha! on a beautiful Galveston day

Everyone gathers around for a photo with Cha! Cha!

Even David visits with everyone's favorite red eye tree toad

Sorry, but nobody wants to pose with you!

We pan left to right from gator to Rainforest volcano to . . .

The waterfall right of the Cafe entrance

And one more shot behind the River Ride entrance bridge

Take a break before walking down to the beach past the Sea Wall

Ahma joins the cousins for a photo with Bamba the Gorilla

View of Rainforest Cafe from Seawall Blvd at 53rd Street

Cross Seawall Blvd and head down to the beach

Ahma brings the leftover bread & french fries down to the water

It is fun to feed the seagulls when they are down wind

The cousins take off their shoes and socks and play in the ankle deep water before walking down the jetty

The girls walk to the end of the jetty for a look and a photo

Head back towards the Galveston Hilton and Landry's Restaurant

Wide shot of the San Luis Resort built upon Battery Crockett and the Holiday Inn on the right

Cheyenne and Erin have fun sinking their toes beneath the sand

Savanna, Erin, Cheyenne, Tor & Alex enjoy the day on Galveston's beach

Find a bench on the Seawall detailing the history of German POWs kept here from 1943 to 1948

Head to The Strand and La King's Confectionary for ice cream

Tor saves David's seat while he buys a big bag of taffy

La Kings still serves Purity, Texas' first ice cream, founded here in 1889

Head east down The Stand past streets being redone in brick

A favorite shoe brand from the 1980's is back in business

A glorious time with family is enjoyed by all, Happy Birthday, Alex!