Erin's Birthday - February 9-10, 2019

Erin spends her birthday with her Girl Scout Troop at Camp Pryor

The 40° temps shorten the trip to one night & no canoeing

The birthday celebration is held at Troop Leader Ellen's home

Erin celebrates with her birthday with her troop

Even have the number ten candle lit up for the birthday song

Kate, Emma, Kamryn, Gabby, Kaitlyn, Malia, Leila, Emilia celebrate with Erin

Sunday morning breakfast with colored pancake mix

Erin makes a navy and blue heart shape pancake before heading home

Come home to gifts after church with Grandpa & Aunt Kathy

Gifts from Ahma start with new shirts

Alex gets a gift from Ahma too, a Texas Cheerleader Barbie

Matching pants to the shirt in the next gift back

Softball socks from cousins Savanna & Cheyenne

Short sleeved panda bear shirt

Heart shirt with reversable butterfly image

A lovely squacking dinosaur toy

A waterproof digital camera with bouyant wrist strap

New jeans with sparkle patches

A Descendants t-shirt

18 piece shrinking art project

Light up frisbee with wifi enabled speaker

Pink unicorn pajamas

Another unicorn pajama with heart shaped glasses

FAO Schwarz spirograph with 3D glasses

Baby always wanted his own spirograph

Deluxe art set with multiple sketch pads

Ninjago Green Niga Mech Dragon Lego Set

Do It Yourself decoratable inflatable Unicorn

Erin's favorite toy, another Lego set, Modular Sweet Surprises

A final Lego set, Snow Resort Chalet, completes the gift opening

Light up a Nothing Bundt Cakes and get ready to sing

Happy birthday to you, dear Erin, happy birthday to you!

Make a wish and take in a deep breath . . .

And blow out the candles in one strong breath

Ahma and Alex enjoy a personal bundt cake with Erin

David and Donna no longer have a single digit aged child

Three days later her twin cousins have their 12th birthday

Time flies when you are having fun!