Celebrating Two Birthdays - August 4-6, 2019

The birthday kids get together to celebrate their birthday early

Nena opens gifts first to her everlasting delight!   Big Mutts!   So delightful!

A coffee mug that reveals (w/warm liquid inside) sharks eating swimmers!

Followed up with a big jug of Caruva Horchata Cream Liqueur - Nice!

David's turn to open up gifts!

Homemade, painstakingly crafted cards from the girls!

A cookie bee and a hairy toothy pickle, LOVE IT!

I love you too, Alex, Thank You!

Erin presents a detailed butterfly & cookies and milk, LOVE IT!

Thank you girls, I love my homemade cards and will keep them forever

Next is Nena's gift.     Donna and I will go grill shopping later

Everyone work on your crazy smile while I read my card

To the present!     Watch Erin, as I overcome the tape

Alex gives a big smile as Daddy pulls the tissue off of the opened item

Sweet, it is a hawaiian polo shirt! &nbps; I'll wear it Monday to work!

Thank you all for my gifts, they were fantastic!

Monday's birthday lunch are three fish tacos from Boyd's TXC - delicious!

Come home for birthday photos with balloons and Pinot Noir

Delay birthday dinner due to shipping containers blocking traffic

But then I get to celebrate three days in a row so All Good!

All Nena's grandkids come to visit on her Tuesday birthday

We'll hoist Tor until he is too big to lift, still good for now!

They bring her a treasure trove of stored school memories now binded

Photos she forgot she had, and she loves them!   Fantastic!

Nena with her grandkids on her birthday!

Nena takes the girls to Las Cucos for birthday lunch

The girls are happy with their queso appetizer

Who doesn't like melted cheese?   Not I!

Erin orders a cheese enchilada with beans and rice

Alex gets the queso burger with fries - them's good eatin'!

David makes his first appearance to King's Sausage Fest

Andy is still waiting for his large mug when the cameras come out

Rebecca, Jeff, Dad, Andy, Holly, Alex, Elsie, Donna & Andy help celebrate

Who can't have fun at a German restaurant: Niemand!

Start with German & Nurenburger Brats and Scharfe Kase Wurst

Continue down the traditional sausage list to: Polish Sausage

Nummer Fünf ist Kase Wurst

Nummer Sechs ist Spicy Kielbasa

Nummer Sieben und Finale sausage ist Spicy Chicken Bratwurst

Move on to Pear Schnapps with fruit grown in the bottle

A toast to them having WeissWurst on our next visit

If Hans were here tonight, he's have a shot with me

My birthday is announced to the other patrons in the restaurant

After many Tiki Taki's toasts, I focus on my strudel

It is delicious hot apple strudel with creamy drizzle

Andy gets a big bite and passes it along the table

Looks likes the rest is for me, me like, so good!

A happy birthday dinner celebrated with friends and family!

Girls bring home baking class bday cakes next weekend . . . upside down