Easter Weekend - April 11-12, 2020

Ahma visits the Saturday before Easter

We take a walk around Lynn Gripon Park in League City

Purple Morning Glories greet us along the trail

Yaupon holly flower blooms

Honeysuckles fill the air with their sweet smell

Pink Evening Primrose (from the Hunger Games)

Prairie Nymph of the iris family

Lantana pink and yellow blooms

We take the trail all the way around to Clear Creek

Water is higher than usual despite not much rain recently

See dooberries walking the trail around Rustic Oaks Park

Erin picks the only black one and intends to give it a try

We are at the park to find geocaches that Erin's troop hid

Erin celebrates finding Emilia's geocache under the bench

We walk around the pond to see if Erin's geocache is still in place

It is!   Right where we left it

Look for the clown in the tree by the pier!

Also look for Easter related messages along the path

And don't forget to smell the flowers while walking it!

Back home, Erin colors a Cross and emails this photo to Hope for Easter

The Easter Crew gathers to color hard boiled eggs

David sneaks Easter candy while the girls are hard at work

Alex takes charge of the red color station

Nena handles the yellow coloring station

David decides to color the raw eggs as well and gets after it

Red and yellow will fill a fellow with delicious hardboiled egg

Erin works on pink colored eggs

Nena has moved on to painting designs on her yellow eggs

Alex paints designs on her red colored eggs

Erin applies stickers to her green colored egg

The crew is working hard while Donna takes the photos

David makes purple eggs mixing blue with both pink & red

Using red/blue makes a gray egg, pink/blue makes a light blue egg

The girls complete their eggs with paint and stickers

It is Easter Sunday morning before 7:00am and baskets are ready

The girls get up earlier than usual to come find their baskets

Alex is ready to devour her Peter Rabbit chocolate bunny

Erin is ready to go back to bed

Donna and Dash enjoy watching the girls reveal their treats

The hardboiled easter eggs are brought out for display

Erin shows off her Peter Rabbit milk chocolate bunny

Alex has already halfway eaten her bunny for breakfast

Get online to watch Hope Lutheran's 9:30am Easter Service

Also watch the 11am Peace Lutheran service

The Easter Bunny hides eggs after both Easter services

The girls get ready to run at David's release

David's view of the start with Donna taking photos from behind

And . . . GO!

Erin heads left and Alex heads right

There are plenty of eggs on the ground and many onlong the fence

Erin fills her basket and then ditches it for faster collection

Alex has the big basket and continues to fill it up

Erin works the blindside corner of the backyard

Plenty of eggs still on the ground and along the fence

Erin focuses on speed and hopes it makes up for low capacity

After clearing the left side, she encroaches on Alex's right side

Her basket is overloaded and spills over as she adds more

She uses her shirt to carry more eggs before unloading again

Erin runs the fenceline to collect eggs Alex hasn't yet noticed

David takes a five minute video while Donna takes the still photos

Erin swoops in, collects and delivers to the far side basket

David sweeps the area looking for missed opportunities

Here is one, hidden in the garden trench

A second one is hinding behind the garden enclosure

I think you got them all girls, lets take a closing shot

The girls clear the yard and have much bounty to show for it

Erin's basket was smaller and couldn't contain all the goodness

Inside, the girls separate candy from eggs

It was a good haul Daddy, and I got my cardio in!

I only wish we could have done this with Savanna, Cheyenne & Tor