Fwood Park Tour - November 23rd, 2020

Drive to the Stevenson Park Pavilion and take the trail to Old City Park

Cross over Cowart Creek along the way

Continue on but look back at the sturdy pedestrian bridge

Reach the Old City Park with its own pavilion and parking lot

We've come to find the final historic Fwood History plaque

A dry oil well was drilled here in 1922

David will look for the next historic plaque whenever it is erected

Permanent ping pong table between pavilion and parking lot

Make another discovery, the Friendswood Dog Park has recently been added

The Dog Park was created and opened in August 2019

A scout from my old troop earned his Eagle Rank building the park

The enclosed area is split into two halves

One area for dogs over 25 pounds, with multiple dogs indulging

No small dogs (AKA: cats) are visiting the park at the moment

Erin is not allowed inside the park for three more months!

Drainage in Fwood is key and all parks are situated at lower elevations

Head back where we started past the Old City pavilion and bathrooms

Visit the endpoint of Winding Way Drive before continuing on

View Cowart Creek that flows beneath Castlewood Avenue

The pedestrian bridge has ATV restrictors in place

View of Cowart Creek flowing toward FM-518 south of Fwood Link Rd

Take the trail back toward Stevenson Park

Beyond the Rotary Pavilion and before the playground is a seesaw statue

Check out the butterfly garden beyond the basketball court

Would love to add a shrimp plant to the home landscaping

Stevenson Park fence is brightly painted

Discover a doorway to the Fairy Trail

There is a map pointing out locations and a chart of fairies to find

Start at the butterfly garden and travel clockwise around the park

There are 14 fairies to find and a paragraph on each of them

Erin finds Gertrude the Animal Fairy with her black cat Clover first

Number 2 along the trail is Flora, the Plants & Flowers Fairy

Number 3 is Everett, the seasonal and holiday change fairy

David pauses for a pose under the lighted arch during the hunt

Number 4 is Apple, the healthy habits fairy, who wants you to eat right

Victor & Grace are twin volunteer fairies who help keep the park beautiful

Bob is the First Responder Troll who keeps fairies & trolls safe in the park

#7 is Wendy the friendly fairy, banned from news reporting the last 4 years

#8 Litter Les is the troll by the Rotary Pavilion, pick up your trash!

Santa's reindeer are displayed by the playground along the trail

#9 Paige Turner is the education fairy near the free book kiosk

Try out the fairy wing chairs while looking for Figgy

These might have provide enough thrust to get Erin off the ground

Find Figgy, Fwood's city spokesman for keeing the city clean

Splash Pad fence is painted with Figgy, pets, unicorns and fairies

#11 is ARRRia, the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Fairy by the city pool

#12 is Sketch the arts fairy who adds color to the park w/flowers

An eagle protects the city's Veterans Memorial beside City Hall

Erin sounds just like an eagle and can mimic seagulls as well

#13 is Al the Sports Troll who keeps kids active by the ball courts

Our final troll lives under the bridge by the City Hall

#14 Schreck, the maintenance troll, fixes things around the park

The City Christmas Tree will be lit on Saturday, November 28th

The lighted christmas trail will begin the day before on Friday

Visit Stevenson Park during the holidays and enjoy the scenery