Girl Scout Activities - November 2020

The Wild Animals group meets at the Castillo's to make bat houses Nov. 7th

Emilia, Erin and Kate B are the Wild Animals working on their Bronze Award

Erin applies sealant before the sides are fastened together

The four sides of the bat house are placed together

Erin tries to nail together the sides

Better to hammer on the driveway and really to use screws instead

Move on to Hometown Heroes Park for Alex's troop activity

The troop plans out today's Brownie Snack Badge Workshop

Brownie Troop 139149 arrives to learn about healthy snacks

The Brownies take a seat and fill out their name badges

The cadettes begin introducing todays Brownie badge

Caroline begins the snack workshop and details how the snacks . . .

Will be separated into four categories: Sweet, Slurp, Savory & Energy

Briefly check out the Hometown Heroes Park swimming pool

There is a lap pool off from the side entrance

Middle section shows pool could be laned for long distance swims

Second mid distance lap pool with starting platforms in place

Looking over the long, 3 section, pool toward the gymnasium facilities

Back to the Snack Workshop working on Savory snacks

Bella demonstrates her cream cheese, ham and lettuce tortilla wraps

Cadettes lead Brownies away for games while next snack is prepared

Rynee introduces the Energy snack that Alex will present

The Energy snack is a nut mix, peanut butter & dried cranberries

Alex excels in nutty activities!

Brownies are redirected while the table is cleared and Slurp prepared

Slurp are three smoothies: Sunset Surprise, Blueberry, & Peanut Butter

The scouts enjoy the three different smoothies, Peanut Butter was best

Brownies plays while the fourth and Sweet snack is prepared

Natalie, Olivia & Caroline prepare strawberries

The Brownies are brought back for the final Sweet stage

Fruit will be dipped into Alex's cream cheese/marshmellow spread

Grab a stick, stab some fruit and dunk it in the sweet spread

Alex's spread is a major hit, the best stage was saved for last!

Alex is happy to share her recipe with the troop mates - yummy!

The workshop closes with The Make New Friends song

Troop 139149 loved learning from Troop 139013 today!

Erin and Emilia put another coat of stain on the Bat Houses Nov. 11th

Erin delivers Uncle Jerry's Fall Product on Nov. 12th

Alex delivers Grandpa's Fall product at the same time

Uncle Bill catches possums with Rahr Winter Warmer!