Alex's 13th Birthday - January 9th, 2021

Celebrating Alex's 13th birthday COVID style . . . just us

Daddy leads the chorus singing "Happy Birthday"

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Alex . . . "

"Happy . . . Birthday . . . to . . . you!"

No sibling jealousy ever on sister birthdays!

Alex prefers a Reeses Blizzard to a birthday cake

Make a wish and blow out the candle . . .

No daddy!   You have to wait until August!

Wish made and candle extinguished

Whack him with that sign Erin, you can't have any of my Blizzard

Enjoy Dairy Queen Nachos Supreme for birthday dinner

The Dairy Queen dining room is closed, still takeout only

Neither want a bite of Daddy's The Dude chicken fried steak sandwich

Gather around as its time to open up gifts

Erin brings Dash into the birthday gift opening photos

We will need his claws to cut through tape

Alex selects her first gift as Dash breaks free

It's Novie the interactive Smart Robot who will be meeting Felix soon

The always desired Roblox gift card for online upgrades

If you don't think happy thoughts, Anthony will put you in the cornfield

Flexible LED strip lights for circling the bedroom ceiling

A laptop briefcase with sweet sunglass wearing zebra

The final gift is soon to be revealed

A warm hooded shirt to wear to school

Love my gifts with dreamcatcher and pickle shirt arriving tomorrow

Step outside for a photo with Alex's birthday celebratory house lights

Erin levitates and dissolves her legs, Alex disappears moments later

David does a twenty foot forward flip and lands in Alex's place, no really