Local Landmarks - January 2021

Hear about a landmark of interest on Vinland Drive in Nassau Bay

It is a surviving column from the 1898 Galveston County Courthouse

The courthouse survived the 1900 storm but not Hurricane Carla in 1961

The courthouse was torn down and replaced by the 1965 GalCo Courthouse

The 31 other 1898 GalCo Courthouse columns did not fare as well

Check out Fry's Electronics to see if it has survived COVID thus far

The store was built to showcase the International Space Station

The first three modules launched into space at the entrance

FGB (Zarya), then US Node 1 (Unity) and Zvezda launched 1998-2000

Node 1 with the Airlock right and Node 3 into the floor

To Node 2 with the Pressurized Mating Adaptor (PMA) with a docked shuttle

Look back at the US Laboratory Destiny and European Columbus Module

Astronauts encourage you to shop early and often

The X-38 Crew Return Vehicle (CRV) was cancelled in 2002

Truss and Mobile Servicing System (Arm) beckon me toward big screen TVs

Solar panels stretch over the 75% part of the store still open to customers

Plenty of cheap TVs available . . . $300 for 50 inch or $350 for 55 inch

$450 for 65 inch or $800 for 75 inch could be yours if you shop at Fry's!

Check out the former King's Biergarten converted to a hamburger restaurant

Good Vibes is packed!   Not to be confused w/Pootie's Bad Time Burgers

La Casita was closed for three days for an intense COVID cleaning

So go next best . . . the delightful and delicious Pancho's Buffet!

Erin excited to dig into the Pancho's cheese enchiladas

Alex grabs some tacos along with her cheese enchiladas

David has been visiting the location for the last 45 years!

Tostados, 3 diff enchiladas, taquitos & chile relleno are so good!

Don't forget that the McRib is still available into January

David finds the silver lining in the black cloud of January 2021