A Walk in the Park - January 4th, 2021

Girls take a walk in the park on the last day of Christmas break

Visit the Heritage Park Overlook Basin on Fwood Link

Neighborhood drainage enters the park from two directions

Take the bridge over the runoff pond

It is one big pond with three peninsulas and one island

A fountain keeps the water from stagnating

See a pelican on the western shore beyond the island

The pelican takes flight with Erin sneaking up behind her

She gets airborne heading my direction

And then veers left toward the center pond fountain

The pelican soars right by me with wings outstretched

She pumps her wings for lift and direction change

She continues beyond the fountain toward a water landing

Zoom in on the birds roosting on the island

Cross the bridge over to the west side peninsula and look at the island

Girls climb boulders in the center of the west side peninsula

Boys fish beside the bridge to the east side peninsula and the northern fountain behind the girls still on the boulders

East side peninsula has concrete structures facing the fountain

Our pelican has returned to check up on us

Girls investigate the concrete structure opposite the fountain

Erin takes the rock bridge below the pedestrian walking bridge

She is going for a closer view of the sunning turtles

A duck splashes in the water cleaning itself

Four similar muscovy duck (?) gather in the northern drain

The county requests catch and release fishing only

Look back at the crossed over bridge over the runoff entry drain

This was the place to launch fireworks four days earlier

Erin spies a turtle and tries to get a closer look

I catch a photo of him before he escapes into the water

Erin sees more turtles and moves in for a closer look

The turtles feel secure with the water separation

It is fun to watch them without driving them into the water

Two turtles keep a wary eye upon us

As we depart, two ducks head to the spot we just vacated

Erin sits back down to watch ducks as well as turtles

Alex joins her and they give each duck a name

They name Gerald (turtle) Splatter, Ikat, and Spot left to right

Goose (from Top Gun) swims up to Splatter

Dot, (Spot's twin) is getting some excercies

Moss keeps a safe distance from the shore and intimidating humans

Sir Honksalot thanks us for visiting and wishes us well

Visit the Pirate Ship at Rustic Oaks Park

And try to imitate a pose made five years earlier

The girls move on to the swingset and build up momentum

No longer need daddy to provide the kinetic energy!

Cross over the drainage ditch toward the fishing pond

Visit the site of last years geocache Jack in the Box antenna ball

A lovely day to visit the park and take in the scenery!