12U Softball Tryouts - January 23rd, 2021

Erin at softball evaluations on sprinkly muddy January day

Her 1pm evaluation window was delayed until 1:45 by the first group

She cleanly fields a ground ball, scoops it out of her glove . . .

And throws low and to the right of the first baseman

Second ball bounces in front of her and she knocks it down

She quickly recovers and guns it over to first base

Third ball is a pop fly and she uses both hands while tracking the ball

She makes the catch and reaches for the ball

She makes the throw to first base

It is low and to the right

Fourth ball is a shot pop up that hits the heal of Erin's glove

She recovers the ball and makes a good throw to first base

Fifth ball is a fly right to where she was standing

She reaches up and makes the catch

She makes a good throw to the first baseman's chest

With the fielding evaluation complete, Erin leaves the field

Erin trades in her glove, gets her helmet and bat and gets back in line

Many teammates ahead of her including sisters Evan and Reagan (left)

Finally Erin's turn to bat, she is ready to swing her mighty DeMarini for the first time since November

First pitch goes by with a swing and a miss

Second pitch is fouled straight back, just missed it

Third pitch goes by with a swing and a miss

Erin makes contact on the fourth pitch at the end of the bat

It is a weak line drive to the base of the pitcher net

The fifth pitch she makes solid contact in the sweet spot of the Demarini

She drives it ten feet over the pitcher's head and ten feet into the grass of center field to the sound of the crowd crying, "Whoa!"

With the fifth and final pitch, she shows her blazing speed to first base

A sequence to be repeated often over the coming season!