Cold Snap - February 15-17, 2021

Apple weatherman forecasts a chilly week w/an unknown symbol for Monday

Hear the ice hit the roof and look outside Monday morning at 3AM

Check out the backyard and look for ice accumulation

Don't think much snow fell, only ice

18° outside but no more precipitation while this cold

The girls were hoping for more than this but it is better than nothing

Erin wears her new coat, perfect for rolling in snow

Might be icy enough for sledding but who has a sled?

Not enough to cover the yard but 18° will keep it in place today

Street and island are nice and white this morning

Looks like the Galleria ice rink in a way

Today would be a great day for inline skates!

Finish up the half circle panarama

Best ice collection around the tree

The garbage man won't be picking up leaves any time soon

Erin still can't find enough white stuff to assemble a snowman

The neighbors wisely wipered up

100 yard icy straight away not taken advantage of

Walk the neighborhood and look south

Bus stop cactus looks great in ice

The bus will not be coming today or in the next week

A wormhole to Albuquerque opens up . . . hatch green burrito . . . mmmmm

Erin last waited for the bus here 10 months ago

Head back to the house, don't slide into the drain

Our UT albino squirrel finds camouflage in the ice

Roof runoff creates icicles in the bushes

Rain gutters also grow icicles

It is still 20° but the warm sun does its bidding

The ice thins out a little bit but much remains

Single layer feet and legs compels me to go back inside

Over in Fwood, power outages cause water pipes to burst

But luckily in the garage where awaiting concrete collects the debris

May decide on a complete redo of 55 year old piping in the near future

It has been this cold before up in Sallisaw, OK

But 0° is still mighty chilly for man and beast

The new UT football coach mocks League City traffic from . . . up in Austin?

A day later on Tuesday morning and still find ice on the ground!

First time since 1973 the white stuff has lasted more than a day

But 1973 was snow and fun, this is just ice, color, but a great photo op

The cars can get more traction going back into the garage now

Not even the last powerwashing got the driveway so white

Frozen ice runoff in the street

Tire tracks still frozen in the ice

Check the side of the house where ice still remains

The rain gutter is still frozen and iced over

The reason why we can't open the gate from the other side

The ice is great for killing weeds, just hope the grass comes back soon

Our shaded driveway still retains its icy cover

We still have some ice on the other side but the sun is out

Icicles form at the A/C unit rain guard

The 100 yard slideway is disappearing fast

House and trees keep the front yard in shade

Our greatest shade is here and this ice will stay the longest

Where there is sun, there is no ice

Final front view on Tuesday morning

Check out the back yard engulfed in sunlight

One spot left to chill your beverage

Our old fashioned thermometer says it is warming but still less than 32°

More shade, more ice but thinning out

The bougainvillea has frozen twice before and always comes back

No leaves will make for easy trimming next week

Felix is not interested in going outside today, no squirrels anyway

Still have ice Wednesday morning, temps will finally rise above freezing

The temps will rise above freezing and stay that way later today

Still have ice on the roof in the shadows, for now

Still have some ice around the trees but it will be gone after lunch

The recycle man won't visit us for another week

The best ice remains before the office window

Our albino squirrel is losing its camouflage

Step outside 4:30pm Wednesday afternoon in 36° temperatures

Last showing of ice on Thursday morning with temps in the 60's later today

Post freeze vegetation report:   The bougainvillea is down but not out

The last three yucca branches may finally come down

You just can't kill clover, it is already coming back!

Will have to get that weed fertilizer after all

The front bushes may finally be removed and new landscaping added

So hard to keep grass alive in this shaded spot,   WE WILL RESOD!