Erin's 12th Birthday - February 9th, 2021

Celebrate Erin's birthday on Saturday the 6th with a Nothing Bundt Cake

Dash is the gift that keeps giving!

Dash brings Erin her first gift, good kitty!

Donna, Alex and Nena get comfortable to watch

Erin unwraps her first of many too large Converse All Stars

Amazon will send five straight pairs of Mens size 8, not Womens size 8

Too big socks are ok, if fact, these are awesome!

Now I have eyes on the back of my head . . . calf

A 3D crystal piece horse puzzle!

Clothing for sure in this gift bag

It is a new shirt that doesn't quite go with the socks

The velvet, already wrapped box must be from daddy

A Harry Potter watch and some Roblox bucks

No more wondering which towel is mine!

Some shiny new black pants

I got them on even with a balloon tied to my ankle!

Spinning the Deathly Hallow cover piece on the new watch

A LEGO Dots box of many smaller builds

A book on birds to finally identify my blanket owl!

Cat treat placement is working as Felix enters the frame

It is a laptop briefcase with wolf matching her Christmas jacket

It is a big LEGO Creator box with three builds in one

AKA: the three decimal LEGO purchase . . . thank you Ahma!

Alex gets a few more Ahma gifts as she was unable to come down in January

Erin is all tuckered out after all the excitement

Felix enjoys a good nap now and then

Dash naps all day to keep David up all night . . . so leave me be

Alex gets a new Disney shirt

Erin awakes and begins to assemble her crystal horse puzzle

Time to enjoy the Nothing Bundt lemon birthday Cake

Alex, Ahma and Daddy join Erin in a group cake photo

Mommy loves bundt cake too but it is not on the keto list

Daddy rushes up to start the Happy Birthday song

Daddy sang bass, momma sang tenor, me & big sister joined right in there!

Make a wish and blow out the candle!

A lemon Nothing Bundt Cake is mighty fine and birthday worthy!

Brew some fresh coffee and dig into the goodness

Me and cake are buds!

Erin loves celebrating birthdays early!

David finds a Bavarian Cream filled King Cake for Erin's actual birthday

Erin opens two gifts from the Corrigans

A Happy Kitty sleep shirt will help her purr purr purr

The second gift is a dreamcatcher

Unwrap it, hold & pose, but don't get it too close the candle fire

We sing Happy Birthday again on Erin's actual birthday

Erin hears Happy Birthday in stereo, Alex in back, Mom & Dad in front

Batting practice w/the Stealers then cupcakes and another HB rendition