Spring 12U Softball - March 2021

Erin meets her match in Miina with equal height and hair length

A final practice before the first game on Monday

Stealers' first game after the March 2nd Sante Fe game was rained out

Erin's first at-bat, fifth in the lineup, with prior four all reaching

Pitcher has given up two hits, a walk and hit a batter, no outs

It is cold, early in the season, so erratic pitching

The pitcher has no control and the Stealers will run rule w/o an out

Erin takes ball four off her shoe, takes first & scores during the next at-bat

Erin's strong arm and good fielding has her playing third base tonight

Stealers team banner has the six regulars on the top row

Danielle gets to 3rd before Erin has her second at bat

New pitcher gets the ball past Erin before she come around

Next pitch has Erin fouling the ball straight back

Game time is called but Erin finishes her at bat and knocks it toward 1st

First baseman tags her out but she drives in the final run, game over

Coach Kelly pleased with her Stealers' ninja moves tonight!

Dickinson Phoenix' starting pitcher gave up 9 runs before being replaced

Danielle gave up 3 runs and had 4 K's, Phoenix final 3 allowed to bat

Erin poses with the Texas City softball game after a good start to the season

After a two week layoff (spring break), the Stealers are back in Texas City

Erin's first at bat has the first pitch hit the ground and then her cleat

Stealers run-rule with 3 hits and a walk in the first inning

Erin up in the 3rd with the Stealers, one out, down 7-9 after an odd call out

No Fear replaced their pitcher in the 2nd & Erin fouls off the first pitch

Danielle walked 5, hit 2 for a 2nd inning No Fear run rule w/2 strikeouts

Erin, the go ahead run, makes solid contact on the second offering

Erin drives it past the pitcher with Danielle heading to 3rd

But the shortstop makes the play and cleanly fields the ball

The shortstop forces out Sayda at 2nd and Erin gets a Fielders Choice

Danielle comes home and the Stealers are now down 8-9

Erin will get tagged out at home, Cina will walk and later tie the game

Shayne pitches the 3rd, gets a K, but a hit and a walk puts a run across

The Stealers fall to Texas City No Fear 9-10

A cool, early evening decided by better No Fear pitching over the Stealers

Erin has her first game in League City since July 15th

Erin's Stealers take on fellow League City team Nitro

Erin bats fifth after four straight put outs including three strike outs

Unfortunately, she hits it right to the first baseman, who makes the play

She's the second batter to put the ball in play but fifth in a row to get out

The Nitro pitcher is the best the Stealers have faced this season

Top of the third, Stealers down 12-0, facing second string pitcher Evelyn (from Rage 2019) who has given up two hits this inning

DeElle tries to bring Miina home and advance sister Deseray

But strands them both with the seventh strikeout in three innings

Stealers put only two runners on base and get only 4 outs during the game

Stealer pitching gives up 6 hits, 8 walks, 2 hit by pitch and 2 reach on error

Lack of pre-game focus and dominant pitching dooms Stealers to a 16-0 loss

Stealers play their last game of March during Erin's scout troop meeting time

The troop comes to the game to watch its 2 softball scouts face each other

While Erin warms up on the other side of the field . . .

Kamryn visits with Ellie and Malia before the game

Kamryn gets a photo with the troop & even David makes an appearance

Stealers down to 11 players after Caymbria out with a broken foot

Stealers bat first, first 2 batters hit with the troop cheering beyond 1st base

Erin walks with one on, one out and one run scored

Erin scores the 3rd run in a six run ruled first inning

Stealers take the field with Danielle pitching, Miina at first, Shayne at 2nd, Skylah at shortstop, and Erin at 3rd fielding a warm up grounder

Erin & Kamryn's troop poses as the bottom of the first inning begins

They bring signs to root for both teams & earn their sportsmanship badge

Kamryn bats after 6 straight walks with 3 runs scored and one out at home

Kamryn walks and waves at the troop celebrating her getting on base

Kamryn's coach checks out his team's new fan club

Erin's 2nd at-bat, w/2 outs and 1 run scored has her swing & missing

Erin sends the next offering left of pitcher Kamryn

It is just out of reach, slowed by Kamryn enough for SS not to make the play

Erin beats the throw to first and earns a basehit

Erin rounds the bases and scores before Miina goes down on strikes

Erin gets a photo with the troop before they depart

Kamryn has her 2nd at-bat & walks after the troop departs the late game

Abigale, from Erin's Fall 2019 Rebels team, walks with 2 on & 1 out

Next batter Haley hits an easy bouncer to Danielle on the mound

Danielle makes a good throw home to Sayda with Kamryn sprinting in

Sayda tags out Kamryn for the 2nd out, next batter's K ends the game

Stealers win 10-6 with 3 hits, 6 walks, 3 hit by pitch and 4 strikeouts

Misfits get no hits but have 12 walks, 1 hit by pitch and 5 strikeouts

Stealers go 2-2 in March with six scheduled games left to play in April

Erin will face her two prior teams, Reign & Thunder, in the next two games