Tomball Easter Egghunt - April 3rd, 2021

Nena happy Doug and the girls are over for easter egghung

Ello Guvnor!   This way to the nearest bubbler!

Now to go wipe off my camera lens

All love the Lupe Tortilla fajita feast for lunch

Cousins dig into the delicious feast

Nena's traditional grandchild spoiling is ready!

The cousins love all the easter gifts

We can never have enough candy and toys

The easter basket was replaced with an easter bag this year

Rock art, nail polish, hot wheels, arts and crafts, & inflatable beach balls

Ahma loves watching her grandchildren open gifts

Meanwhile, the easter bunny visits the front yard and distributes eggs

The front yard is well covered with easter eggs!

The yard to the left has also been blessed with eggs

One round rose among the flowers and thorns

The yard to the right is also sprinkled with hidden eggs

The cousin try out their body paint received in their easter bags

Must be marked up for the impending easter weekend ritual

The cousins line up, ready to sprint to the eggs in the front yard

Is that rain I feel, these umbrellas are only temporary

The EGGcitement builds as the gun is raised to fire

The cousins sprint to the front and quickly chose hunting areas

The front yard is quickly cleared with good cousin spacing

The flowerbeds and pokey thornbushes are addressed next

Nena, Doug and Donna finally make their way to the front

When Erin notices the yard to the right is covered with eggs

Alex takes the high road while Erin takes the low road

However, many more eggs are taking the low road

Erin and Tor clear the right house flower beds

Cheyenne comes forth with hopes of remaining eggs on the ground

Tor realizes it is time to move on while Erin double checks the front porch

The party heads north past the rain shielded Donna and Nena

The egg crew quickly clear the property of easter offerings

Egg cleanup crew confident all yards are now cleared

Victorious egg hunters celebrate their exceptional bounty

The 2021 Egg Hunt Fables are already in work

Now stretch out your legs to prepare for a long egg opening session

Cousins head to the Texas room and crack open their eggs

Find a spot and separate the candy from the container

Tor and Alex having a great time being together again

Cheyenne and Erin share softball stories as well as jelly beans

Savanna is the canvas for all the easter stickers received

Spending time with family is always the best!

Back in Houston, Luke has his 2nd Easter with Alena & Austin

Wait!   No!   Don't leave me with this huge rodent!