Fishing for Redfish - May 10th, 2021

Head to the Galveston Marina on Holiday Drive near UTMB in Galveston

Jerry books Out Cast Charters to take Dad fishing but he is unable to make it

I get to come along and fish with Jerry, Don & Captain Shuga Shane

We exit the marina and see the John Deere tractors loading up

Continue north past the Galveston Ferry loading area

Pass by Seawolf Park and the Ray Stoker Jr. ferry boat

After a rough ride through choppy waters near the north end of Galveston Island, we circle around the south jetty and anchor on it's southside

The pelicans believe it is a good fishing spot!

We have plenty of gear looking west toward Galveston Island

The pelicans fly near the jetty to the roosting/fishing area

A cargo ship is anchored nearby as shrimp hit the hooks

Don reels in a catfish as Shuga Shane does all the dehooking & baiting

David reels in a 19 inch redfish that is too small to keep

Jerry's huge black drum waits its turn as the redfish is dehooked & released

If your hook finds the sandy bottom a catfish will find your bait

We catch plenty of catfish but decline to keep them

David has a fight with a large fish he finally reels in and is netted onboard

It is a 32 inch redfish, the largest fish he has ever caught

It looked crazy big while still in the water and now look at it!

It makes friends with sheepshead, black drums and a gafftop catfish

Don & David both catch a toadfish and both give them back to the sea

After that it was mostly catfish in the water

And we eventually ran out of bait

After a much smoother and faster ride back to port, the pelicans greet us

And we make our way back into the marina

We pull into the home channel . . .

No worries Game Warden, my large redfish is tagged!

Don and Jerry exit the tied down boat

It was a good time spent with long time friends

Line up the keepers for photos

The head of David's whiting did not attract a second bull redfish

Gafftop, whiting and Jerry's large black drum sit on the left

Looks like we kept 5 black drum and one sheepshead

And one nice big redfish!

The anglers pose with their catch

Shuga Shane cleans and fillets the day's catch

The redfish provides a heavy bag of fish steaks

Take two of six steaks and grill them for the family dinner!   Delish!

Real Good Eatin!     The first of three fantastic meals