Alex's 15th Birthday - January 9th, 2023

Alex's birthday celebration starts with Sunday lunch potato soup at Chili's

David tries the aptly named Alex's Santa Fe Burger . . . spicy!

With avocado, jalapeƱos, cilantro, spicy Santa Fe sauce and fries!

Erin gets her favorite, Ancho Salmon with mexican rice & broccoli

Donna stays traditional with an Oldtimer with Cheese

Get the Skillet Cookie special, buy one, get a second for $2!

You should have gotten three, dad!

Momma brings home Raising Cane's chicken for dinner on Monday night

It comes with crinkle-cut fries, Texas toast and the yummy Cane's Sauce

First round of gifts starts out with $100 of Roblox gift cards

The cousins send amazon gift through the mail, get the box cutter

It's a Jackpot Candles Birthday Cake candle with prize inside the wax

Next bring forth the Fiesta chocolate chip Nothing Bundt Cake

Light the back candles and all including Rio sings "Happy Birthday"

It is so good!   Happy Birthday Alex!

Five days later, Ahma comes over Saturday to celebrate Alex's birthday

Round 2 of gifts starts out with an awesom foldable laptop desk

Dash wants to be part of the fun as Alex grabs a second gift

Alex finds a lovely butterfly necklace inside

Fancy pen and note book are revealed from another gift back

Next is a pineapple shaped metal tin of Hawaiian macademia nut cookies

Matching earrings for the previous butterfly necklace

Alex selects another gift from the dwindling pile

Purple surge protector power strip to use with her new laptop desk

Alex loves tea and now she has some cinnamon apple spice tea

Rio watches Alex select another gift from her front row seat

She finds a puzzle box with two $5 bill inside for incentive

Puzzle boxes are awesome!   Now what is inside here?

Dash and Rio totally approve of Alex's new Be a Nice Human pajama top

Next is a black Friends t-shirt

Next is a jewelry box half covered with butterfly embossed lid

Next is a Rugrats pajama top and bottom

And finally, she arrives at the last gift . . .

And reveals a Narwhal stuffed animal snuggler

Take Ahma to Chili's and Alex gets her favorite Potato Soup again

Ahma & David get the 3 for Me platter w/appetizer, drink & burger

David gets the Secret Sauce burger that most patrons are scared to try

Alex concludes her seven day birthday celebration with chicken quesadillas