8th Grade Basketball - January 2023

Top: Coach Henderson & Coach Parshall;   Middle: #32 Lilly, #22 Emelia, #24 Erin, #25 Tamia, #31 Eden;   Bottom: Haley, #0 Valerie, #5 Lauren, #12 Peyton, #20 Ellie, #2 Aurianna, #4 Aliah

Erin tips off against undefeated Victory Lakes on January 5th, Game 5

The lead goes back and forth through out the first quarter

But the Panthers take the lead for good 3:09 into the 1st quarter

Tamia replaces Erin at 2:33 in the 1st quarter

Victory Lakes holds an 8-5 lead after one quarter

Erin works hard to slow down the Panther scoring

She blocks multiple shots to keep the game in reach

Erin makes the final shot of the first half, Cobras down 7-12

Both school's A team take the court and shoot around during halftime

Erin enters the 3rd qtr at 1:49, down 11-21 and promptly blocks a shot

Cobras had a 4-9 deficit with Erin on the bench to start the 3rd

#0 Valerie scores the last points of the 3rd, Cobras down 13-23

Erin takes an open shot but puts a little too much on it

Erin gets an in-bound pass and puts it up but it bounces off the rim

Erin blocks another shot and the Cobras recover the ball

Her final shot is short and clanks off the rim

#0 Valerie scores Creekside final points reducing the deficit 17-26

But the Panthers score 4 more and take home a 30-17 win

Cobras hold the Panthers to their lowest margin of victory (13 points) thus far and two Panthers congratulate Erin on her stout defense

Not so much for the A Team who fall behind 4-22 after one quarter

VLI's point guard led off for TX Express Gold in last months softball tourney

Head for home at half time of a sure VLI win, Cobras A Team fall to 2-3

Arrive late for Jan. 12 game at Clear Lake Int., see Erin make & miss a shot

Erin's 1st quarter defense holds the Eagles to ZERO points while Erin plays

Erin fouls the shooter and is taken out for the rest of the 1st half

Up 12-5 @ Half, Eagles outscore the Cobras 5-2 with Erin on the bench

Erin starts and plays most of the 3rd quarter

#5 Lauren gets the 3rd quarter scoring started with a 2 pointer

The 3rd quarter ends with a 24-7 Cobra advantage over the Eagles

Erin steals the ball early in the 4th quarter but is called for traveling

Erin slows down the Eagles efforts to bring the ball up court

8B (4-2) defeats Clear Lake 30-14, Erin scores 4 points, neither captured

B squads shake hands as the A squads take the court to warm up

Shelby tips off for A team against the Eagles as Caylee is absent today

Her absence is missed immediately and throughout matchup

Cobras cannot find the bottom of the net and trail 2-14 after one quarter

Cobra A team climbs to within 8 at half but drop back to 11 after 3 qtrs

Erin and I depart and miss the eventual 29-37 defeat, A team falls to 2-4

Tamia tips off January 19th for Game 7, Creekside (4-2) vs Westbrook (1-5)

Erin enters the game at 3:07, tied 2-2, #0 Valerie made the Cobra's basket

#22 Emelia scores and then #24 Erin bumps the score up to 6-2

Timberwolves' last second 1st quarter shot does not fall, still 6-2 after one

Tamia starts the 2nd and scores, Erin back in 3:08, Cobras up 8-4

Erin takes three inbound pass shots and misses all three

Erin blocks a fastbreak layup after #0 Valerie misses two free throws

Erin blocks another shot taken from three point range

Westbrook PG fakes right & gets the ball past Erin for a 10-6 halftime score

Tamia starts the 3rd, Erin enters the game at 4:38, score still 10-6

Westbrook gets within 2 at 3:02 in the 3rd quarter

Erin blocks another shot toward the end of the 3rd quarter

Timberwolves get within 1 point with 1:11 left in the 3rd quarter

#0 Valerie makes a layup, then #4 Aliah steals and extends the lead, 14-9

Erin blocks the last shot of the 3rd quarter, Creekside up 14-9

#22 Emelia scores 2 for Westbrook and Kenzie scores 4 more for the lead

#22 Emelia's 2 pointer & #12 Peyton's single FT give Cobras a 19-18 lead

Erin defends for an out of bounds turnover with 2:06 left in the game

Westbrook misses four straight free throws while down by 1 point

Coach calls a timeout right before Erin throws down a slam dunk layup

Westbrook misses 2 FTs w/5 secs left, Erin jumpball, possession goes Wolves

Last second shot misses, Ref calls the game before Kenzie's shot falls

Erin high-fives her former softball teammate Kenzie after the 19-18 win

A Team takes a 25-14 lead at half; 35-20 after 3 and finally, 56-33 victory

8A Team improves to 3-4, 8B team improves to 5-2 with one game left

Creekside hosts Brookside for Game 8 on Monday, January 23rd

Erin must score more points than blocks made to beat undefeated Bulldogs

Erin wins the tipoff but the Cobras miss their first possession shot

Bulldogs take it the length of the court for an easy layup, up 0-2

Erin misses an open shot . . .

And is blocked a moment later, still 0-2 at 5:20 in the 1st

Erin gets a rebound in the 1st quarter and passes down court . . .

But is blocked on her shot and called for Up & Down or Travel

Erin's next shot bounces around the rim and comes out

Erin comes out with 3:57 left in the 1st quarter, Cobras down 0-2

Erin back in with 1:11 left in the 1st, down 0-6, she is fouled on her shot

Erin makes her 1st free throw and puts the Cobras on the board, down 1-6

Erin misses the 2nd FT, rebounds twice and misses both those shots

Bulldogs race it down the court but Erin is there to block the shot

Offensive rebound and #11 makes her outside shot, Bulldogs up 1-8

Erin defends the basket against two shots and then stuffs not one, but . . .

. . . Two shots over a period of five seconds!   Need defensive rebounds!

#5 Lauren steals pass, fouled, makes 1 of 2 FT, 1st quarter ends, down 2-8

Erin starts the 2nd quarter and her first shot is tipped, down 2-8 @ 7:40

Bulldogs score @ 7:17, now 2-10, Erin tries to answer but misses from long

Erin makes a rebound, dribbles downcourt and launches a 3 pointer

It misses, Bulldog PG trips over her own feet and lands on Erin for a foul

Erin comes out the rest of the 1st half with Cobras down 2-10

#0 Valerie & #5 Lauren each make a FT, Bulldogs score 12 for a 4-22 half score

Erin sits the 3rd, can't breath, she returns for the 4th, down 5-32

Erin gets back to work to stop the bleeding, Cobras outscored 3-26 w/Erin out

Erin misses a long shot after Bulldogs make it 5-34, and comes out at 5:30

Erin sits the rest of the game, Cobras finally score a 2 pointer but fall 8-40

Cobras made 6 FTs & one 2 pointer, Cobras outscored 2-8 w/Erin on the court

Creekside 8B team falls to 5-3, Brookside 8B is a perfect 8-0

Grandpa poses with Erin during an injury timeout during the 8A game

The 8A game is a brutal affair w/uncalled fouls & cops talking to angry parents

Amid technical fouls called on players & coaches, Cobras close the gap at half

Brookside's best player #30 never leaves the game so no 32-6 pt turnaround

#15 Caylee ties the game with 1:28 left in the 4th quarter

#3 Sariah ties the game at 39-39 with 30 seconds left in the game

#15 Caylee has the chance to take the lead w/10 secs left but misses

Bulldogs don't and take the lead with 5 seconds left

Caylee has the shot but her forearm is slapped as time runs out

No foul yet again and Brookside (7-1) is awarded the victory, Cobras (3-5)

Sheriff & Vice Principal take the court to ward off anger at the 39-41 loss

CCISD doesn't announce Monday's scores but there are four clear leaders

Somehow, Creekside gets the bye over Bayside but they soon face off

Witness Brookside defeat Clear Creek @ Seabrook Intermediate's Court 1

Erin's Creekside has a rematch with Amelia's Bayside on Thurs, Jan 27th

Erin faces her fall softball Dynasty teammate Amelia for the tipoff

Erin wins the tipoff but Creekside has a quick backcourt violation

Amelia scores as Bayside takes a 0-5 lead with 6:55 left in the 1st

#0 Valerie makes it 2-7 with 6:14 left in the 1st, Erin is soon subbed out

Erin starts the 2nd as Creekside ties the game, Erin is short

Down 10-12 with 6:10 left in the 2nd, Erin blocks a shot

Great inbound pass for an easy layup, Bayside up 10-14 @ 5:48, 2nd

#2 Aurianna makes both FTs to tie the game with 1:46 left in the 2nd

Coach Butler congratulates Aurianna as Cobras take a 17-16 lead at half

Erin shoots but misses early in the 3rd

Knights get the rebound, take it down court and retake the lead

Erin shoots but is fouled by the center, no call

While Erin looks toward the ref, #31 Eden is fouled, and the whistle blows

Eden makes one FT and ties the game 18-18 with 5:57 left in the 3rd

Erin makes her 2nd of two FTs and cuts the gap to 19-20 at 1:51, 3rd

#5 Amelia is fouled on the shot that goes in, Knights up 19-22

#5 Amelia makes the shot but lane violation nullifies it

Erin makes another block on a back and forth fast break

#22 Emelia fouls #5 Amelia who makes one of two FTs, now 19-23

Erin's shot with 5 secs left doesn't fall, Knights fast break back

But Erin sprints down court and prevents the score, 3rd ends down 19-23

Erin re-enters the game down 19-31 w/4:20 left in the 4th

Amelia defends the basket against Erin and Erin misses

Cobras can't find the bottom of the net and the Knights score again

Erin's arms are blocked and she is called for traveling

#0 Valerie misses both FTs but Erin rebounds and gets it back to her

She makes the 2 pointer but Cobras still down 23-38 with 1:04 left

#0 Valerie makes the final basket as time runs out on the Cobras' season

The Knights eliminate Creekside and will now face Kranz over on court 2

Erin and Amelia shake hands as Brookside and Victory Lakes take the court to play for a spot in the championship game

B team lost to 3 teams and likely Kranz, A team did not focus at times

Kranz beats Bayside and Brookside beats Victory Lakes after we depart

Kranz avenged their 1st game loss to Brookside and both finish 10-1

Victory Lakes' superior athletes win the A Team tourney a 2nd year in a row