GS Cookie Drop & Sales - February 4th, 2023

Help distribute initial cookie orders to girl scout troop leaders at Challenger/Columbia Stadium after a two year absence

Arrive before my 7:30am shift begins for photos of empty lanes

Get assigned to Back Lane 4 and help remove cases from pallets

Adventurefuls replaced the S'mores last year but are not as loved

The Toast-yays are yummier than the Thanks-alots they replaced

What is this?   Familiar blue box but foreign name to me

Shortbreads called Trefoils once again but first time w/my girls in scouts

Caramel deLites retain their name another year, originally called Samoas

Only load three troops' orders in two hours but they were 400+ cases/each

The other side of Lane 4 will spring into action when inventory wanes

Depart when my two hour shift is over to celebrate Erin's bday w/Ahma

Loaded cars sign off on their new inventory and depart toward the left

Receive another bandana and two patches for my efforts this morning!

Preorder 10 cases of cookies & hope the customers come a marching

Emilia & Erin have their first booth at the SSH Kroger February 17th

Leila, Kate, Emilia & Erin split a 4 hour shift on Feb 25th back @ Kroger

Leila & Erin work a 3rd and final booth back at Kroger on March 4th

Erin walks the neighborhood & sells all but her last 10 boxes March 19th

Troop gets Raspberry Rally at the end of the season!   Similar to Thin Mints