Erin's 14th Birthday - February 9th, 2023

Head to Chili's with Ahma to start Erin's birthday celebration on Feb 4th

David spent the morning loading GS cookies into troop leaders' cars

We've discovered and have been getting the 3 For Me lunch specials

Big Mouth Crispy Chicken Sandwich w/tortilla soup & blackberry tea

Back to the house to open up Ahma's gifts to Erin

Erin, atop Rio's giant tennis ball, is ready to open gifts

Erin loves to read and her first book is Great American Trivia

Next up is a 1000 piece America puzzle;   Yay!, says David

Next is a Puma shirt, a new source of endless poo mah pants jokes!

Next is Marissa Meyer Lunar Chronicles book series with 7 books

Next is a laptop portable desk for bed or lazy boy computing

Send Ahma an email with photos as often as possible!

Next is a puzzle with prizes inside, see if you can figure it out

Moments later, the prizes inside are revealed

$10 bowtie inside the puzzle box as well

Next is a puzzle/game to move a ball to the center of the device

Purple surge protector with USB ports for her new laptop desk

Burgandy Tapout shirt

And a black Tapout shirt

Next is a book on Unique America and its strange sites to go visit

A new white hoody sweatshirt

And a large lighted shuttlecock badminton set for playing at night

It is also good for dealing with unruly children!   Thanks Ahma!

Move to Tuesday night opening of gifts after Track practice

She receives $100 of Roblox gift cards to play online

Next is the gift from the Corrigans, Rio is so excited!

E: "Dog food?   What?"   D: "This is a very good gift, Erin!"

It arrived at the same time so we thought we'd mess with Erin . . . yay

Here is the real gift from the Corrigans

It is a big colorful blanket to keep warm with in the winter

It's a big German Shepherd blanket . . . Love it!   Thanks!

Erin passes on the traditional birthday cake for the big tub of Bluebell

She endures the Happy Birthday sing along as best as she can

She makes a wish and blows out the candles

This cinnamon Mardi Gras King Cake ice cream is FANTASTIC!

Alex agrees that this ice cream is MIGHTY FINE, a new favorite

David read cinnamon on the label and knew this was the ice cream to try

Erin also gets five personal pints, first is Gelato Salted Caramel

The next birthday pint is Swoon Banana S'mores

She next has a taste of Snickers ice cream

Personal pint #4 is Blue Bell Chocolate Peanut Butter Overload

Last is Twix ice cream, she will enjoys these throughout the week

Got a chill after all the ice cream, my new blanket will warm me up

Favorite homemade broccoli cheese soup completes the celebration