8th Grade Track - February 2023

Erin (far left) signs up for track after only 15 other 8th graders attempt to fill out the team and join Victory Lakes at a practice meet at Clear Springs HS

Erin gives the High Jump, 800M, 400M and 4x400M relay a shot

Erin pauses her High Jump attempts to run the 800 with Karmen

She hangs close with Karmen after one lap, final times not announced

Erin returns to the High Jump after completing the 800M

She clears 4'2" before failing to clear 4'4" three separate times

She clears the bar on her final shot but her ankle bumps the bar at the end

Victory Lakes dominates most events including the 400M

Erin kicks it in at the end to prevent a Victory Lakes sweep

2nd leg of the 4x400 was completely out of gas and Erin has much to make up

Erin has a good lap and hands off to the 4th leg anchor Aurianna

Aurianna avoids being lapped by the winning VLI relay team

First Official Track Meet is February 22nd at Clear Lake High School

Arrive in time to see Erin compete in the Triple Jump

She has not quite figured out exactly how to do it yet

She has a good jump on this attempt and then runs over to the High Jump

Erin goes back and forth between the two events as necessary

She places 3rd with a best jump of 4'2" and earns 5pts for Creekside

She fails to clear 4'4" three times while Abbie from Rebels F19 watches on

Caylee, Erin and Angie continue the Triple Jump competion

Erin is still trying to figure out the jump sequence

But makes a good jump of 26'11" and places 6th for 1pt for Creekside

Angie gets 1st with 29'11" and Caylee gets 5th with a 27'3" long jumps

Angie anchors the Creekside 4x100M to a 4th place finish with a 57.64" time

Erin runs a 1:24 in the 400M and talks her way out of it for next week

Karmen takes 4th in the 800M w/2:55;   Erin places 11th w/an approximate 3:19

Cobra's 2nd leg for the 4x400M skipped a race this week for more gas now

Erin has a good lap and two other schools in the 3rd leg

Aurianna runs the 4th leg secures a 3rd place finish with a 5:29:40 mile

Creekside comes in 4th place while Bayside rolls to victory

Erin earns 18 of the team's total points!   Next meet next week at Clear Creek