Camp Lone Star - March 24-26, 2023

Erin ready for her second weekend visit to Camp Lone Star in La Grange, TX

Alex missed out on 2 of 3 visits due to the COVID hysteria

Kelsey in front of the cabin the confirmation class will stay in

Looking for 1970's landmarks, Erin photos the old basketball court

Camp Lone Star's lake for canoeing is currently very low

Looks like there won't be much canoeing this weekend!

Canoe storage shed is now 100 feet from the water with the cafeteria and meeting rooms off to the right

Meagan sits in the gazebo where confirmation classes will be held

Erin up bright and early on Saturday morning

Look inside the meeting rooms within the cafeteria building

Erin captures the pool looking for landmarks dad might recognize

This turns out to be a newer pool than dad swam in back in 1979

Rustic stage and seating for performances

Beyond the trees is the high and dry canoe shed

You'd have to carry your canoes farther than you can paddle it

Wooden platform usually floats for easy canoe to water access

Gathering place across the lake where they'll do their sunday morning skit

Obstacle course appears to need a little more preparation

The group will sing around a fire later tonight (Saturday)

Blessed to arrive at the end of March for the bluebonnets

Another cabin for staying overnight in the new air conditioned era

Great view of the outdoors with bluebonnets and pleasant temperatures southeast of La Grange, TX

Cross outside of the red cabin

Let's checkout the Tree Chapel!

Old tree with long extend branches that spands across a meeting area

Great place for another confirmation lesson

Find a nice field of bluebonnets while walking the grounds

Also come across an old barn/nature center

Walk around and check out the interior

Old farming equipment left to rust outside

A fortune in gold coins are buried (and lost) on the property

The land was donated to become in Camp Lone Star in 1941

Erin poses with red cabin that has a box of mail at the door

Find deer & other animal tracks in the sand of the dried lake bed

The 8th graders play a game hopping across the stumps

Jump carefully are you will regret it!

The jump from highest to lowest is the most difficult

Erin's pose in the bluebonnet field will be her official confirmation photo