Hope Chili Cookoff - March 5th, 2023

Erin is Crucifer on the Second Sunday of Lent late service

Grandpa, Uncle Bill & Aunt Kathy are off on a Galveston Cruise today

They will revel in buffets but miss out on Hope's Chili Cookoff today

17 chilis are assembled to be judged as spicy, homestyle or traditional

Congregation gathers and will chose a People's Choice winner as well

Cornbread, crackers and fritos will help tone down the burn

Meagan laughs when Erin agrees to photo David win he wins 1st place

And the tasting begins . . .

Grab a tray and fill multiple cups to determine your favorite

Erin is happy to just have a small bowl of two different chilis

After taking photos, David happy to get in the back of the line

David tries every chili but his own, it was already gone!

And the winners are announced!

Spiciest Chili was later named the People's Choice chili winner

Homestyle chili winner added extra items such as . . . gasp . . . beans!

And in a shocking turn of events, David wins the Traditional Chili apron!

I will wear this apron with pride from now on

Pastor Jon poses with the four winners, until next year!