Odds and Ends - March 2023

Finally try to do something about our sad front landscaping

Last year's freeze took out all the original 20 year old shrubbery

Instead of planting, we got some potted plants to place

Erin spreads mulch in her hipster gardening outfit

Spread mulch on both sides and bring more monkey grass left

Alex and Rio keep watch as the work progresses

Add the potted plants and albino squirrel tribute

Bring the tobasco & serrano pepper plants front away from Rio

Serrano plant starts putting out peppers again weeks later

Stones soon moved to border the far left side of the bed

Make some homemade cheese enchiladas with corn tortillas

Use Sadie's Hot Red Chili sent by Brad from Albuquerque

Make a nice mess of spicy cheese enchiladas

That burn a lot more coming out than going in!

Play Train dominoes with Bambi and Rebecca . . .

Jerry and Dad who is wearing the "Nasty" hat

The Field and Stream store goes out of business and is gutted

Dick's Sporting Goods temporarily closed to block the joining hallway

Erin sells the rest of her girl scout cookies walking the cul-de-sacs

The Mazda 6 rolls over 100,000 miles on March 16th

See a red 1986 Mazda B2000 for sale similar to the one I sold in 1991

Great to see a B2000 is still on the road, and immaculate!

New 17" wheels shown but comes with original 14" wheels as well

Drop the tailgate for better mileage on the trek back to Austin

Mine had a black interior but did have the 5-speed manual transmission

Mine also had a blown head gasket, but you could eat off this engine!