Rio's First Birthday - March 2nd, 2023

It is time to dress up and celebrate!   Guess whose Birthday it is?

It is Rio's first birthday!   Woof!   Woof!

Put on the party hat and then chow down on the doggie birthday cake

Sorry, I won't be sharing any of this

It is my birthday so I can eat on the couch

It is twenty years old and next on the replacement list

Rio . . . time to open up your presents!

I have been extra good this year . . . both cats are still alive!

First dog chew toy gift is a loud, squeaky bottle of Rose'

Next is the squeaky birthday cake

Whoa, she really likes fried eggs!

Next a durable (lasts 30 minutes) tough denim fabric chew toy

Another durable chew toy as a blue octopus

Here is a hard rubber stegosaurus on a rope

Two loud squeaky dumbells to harden up the jaws

A durable fabric doggie Lifesaver that very briefly works as a muzzle

Loud honking chicken to be protected as priors are destroyed in seconds

Hard rubber ball only the extended time in the sun will destroy

Loud squeaky donut that will last weeks instead of hours

Annoying grunting pixelated pig to be protected like the rubber chicken

Large fabric covered ball that lasts due to its size, hard to chew

The third of three Mr. Bill dolls with "Oh, No!" voicebox inside

And finally, the a stuffed animal dolphin in a ring to unstuff

Rio has her favorites . . . "Oh, Nooooooo!"

Happy birthday to Rio!   One year old on Texas Independence Day!

It is good to finally be an adult dog!