8th Grade Tennis - March 2023

Erin makes the 8th grade tennis team & has her 1st match on March 9th

She faces Brookside's 2nd Singles M. Bryant & wins the match 6-1

Last years 1st & 2nd Singles & the 1st Double team did not return to play

Erin next faces Victory Lakes 2nd Singles S. Maier in the 2nd match

Maier came 4th in district last year, losing to Creekside's Karmen for 3rd

Erin & Angie came in 3rd in District for 2nd Doubles & now play singles

Erin loses 1-6 & Angie loses 3-6 to VLI, both win their Brookside match

Erin & Angie celebrate their return to tennis at BB's for crawfish

Creekside hosts Clear Creek on March 21st at Clear Springs HS

Angie faces Erin's fellow & former scout from Troop 265, Olivia

Erin's 2nd Singles opponent is unnamed but cannot sustain a volley

Angie had impacted wisdom teeth removed five days ago and is in pain

Olivia and Angie battle back and forth, remaining tied in sets

Erin surgically places shots and quickly dispatches her weaker opponent

Erin wins her set 6-0, Angie's set will end with first player reaches 6

Angie makes too many error and loses her match 5-6 to Olivia

Creekside faces McAdams at Clear Springs, not Dickinson, on March 30th

Erin faces B. Hopkins in 2nd Singles play, sharing the court w/the boys

Erin wins her match 6-1, Angie takes a break after District Track finals

Auriana takes her place in 1st Singles but falls 5-6 to E. Zuazu