14U Bomber's Softball - April 2023

Bombers stretch out in Texas City for their 2nd matchup with Fight

Erin up to bat in the 1st with two outs

She hits a slow, backspin liner toward SS which stopped prior to her glove

Erin sprints down the basepath and is halfway to 1st before the throw

Erin beats the throw and goes on to score the 1st of 4 runs in the 1st

Two errors, a walk & a hit help Fight score 3 runs in the 1st inning

A 3U-2 double play ends the 1st and stops the bleeding

Erin bats in the 2nd, w/2 outs, and Wednesday on 1st

Erin hits an easy grounder down the 1st base line and runs it out

The 1st basemen mishandles the ball and Erin is safe at 1st

Faith will drive the ball deep into RF and round the bases for a 3RBI HR

Erin bats in the 3rd with the Bombers up 10-8 over Fight

3rd basemen can't handle the bouncing ball and the baserunners advance

Gia comes in to score the 11th run, Wednesday goes to 3rd

3rd throws to catcher and tags out Wednesday, Erin heads to 2nd

Faith up to bat w/Erin on 3rd, 2 outs & Bombers up 11-8

Faith tries to drive home Erin but hits a long foul ball

Faith gets nothing else to hit and takes a walk

Aliyah foul pops out to end the inning with a great play by the catcher

Faith pitches the 3rd inning with Erin catching w/Ashlin unavailable

Faith gives up a hit & a walk plus an error helps Fight tie the game

Faith gets the next two batters out to end the game in a tie, 11-11

Bombers and Fight will meet up a 3rd time for the last game of the season

Erin gives up 3 hits (thru 2B) & 2 walks in the 2nd for a run-ruled inning

Bombers are back in LC for a game versus Fwood on April 11th

Erin touches a magic duck that brings forth good fortune in tonight's game

Coach Vanessa hits fielding practice before the game

Bombers bat, bottom of 1st, after Faith gives up 1 run and gets 3 K's

Erin takes four straight ball for a walk after Gia lined out to the pitcher

Erin is the 1st of 3 runs scored in the 1st, that ends on a batting order error

Erin bats in the 2nd w/2 outs, 1 run scored and Addison on base

She takes a ball and is then hit by a pitch that bounces off the dirt

Ashlin will line out to end the inning & Faith will K 3 of next 4 batters

Bombers take a 4-1 win over the Wolverines with Faith pitching all 3 innings

Faith was tagged out at home and is not available for Thursday's game

LC Bombers warm up before a Thursday, April 13th game at the LC Sportsplex

Aliyah, Ashlin, Gia and Norelle warm up on the soccer field

Coach Vanessa warms up w/grounders left and throws flies to the right

Faith and Erin warm up but Erin will start

LC Bombers Team photo minus Saniya and Coach David

Erin pitches against a good hitting Dickinson Aftershock team

Pourous infield and great baserunning have Aftershock reaching 3rd often

Bad rundown plays help Dickinson put up a run-ruled inning in the first

Erin gets one strikeout before the inning ends with Bombers down 0-5

Erin bats 2nd after Gia hits to firstbase in 3U play

3rd baseman scoops up Erin's weak grounder and makes the play

Close, but the ump was impressed with a decent catch, throw, catch play

Wednesday up, in the 2nd with 2 outs and Bombers down 0-8

Wednesday is the 3rd strikeout in a 3 up, 3 down, bottom of the 2nd

Norelle will be the first of three strikeouts in the 3rd to end the game

A lucky rabbit ran across the outfield to the Aftershock dugout in the 3rd

Addison got the only hit, a liner off the pitcher's glove, & only baserunner

Ashlin's broken bat bouncer (ball & bat) to pitcher was also a bad omen

Bombers have their 3rd matchup with TXC Fight on April 17th, Erin bats

She hits a weak infield drive that allows her to reach 1st on time

Wednesday & Erin are left stranded after Faith & Addison go down in order

Faith allows a hit and a walk in the 1st and both runner score

Erin bats in the 3rd with 2 outs, none on, and Bombers still down 0-2

She hits a great ball into LF but is stranded two batters later

Erin pitches the 3rd, relieving Faith after two innings

3rd inning defense: 3B Aliyah, LF Addison, SS Norelle, C Faith, P Erin, CF Gia, 2B Gracie, 1B Wednesday & RF Angelina

Erin strikes out the 2nd batter & Faith tags out the 1st & 3rd stealing home

Norelle called out for leaving base early, then Aliyah & Angelina don't reach

Fight wins Game 3, 0-2, we tie Game 2, 11-11, & Bombers won Game 1, 3-1

Both teams had 7 baserunners but TXC Fight put theirs across home plate

TXC Fight won the defensive battle today and held our offense in check

We have a best 2 of 3 with Raptors to end the season this weekend

David shows off his color matching coaches shirt with his favorite player

14U Playoff Game 1 on a 60°, 30mph wind, lightning delayed, Sun 4/23

Erin pitches but routine groundouts quickly become 2 error homeruns

Later games are rained out and rescheduled when Faith can join the team

Renew the end of season playoff Tuesday 4/25, Erin bats 2nd after Gia HBP

She gets a solid connection on Haley's pitch and sends it to the outfield

It clears the infield by 20 ft and lands for a base it in left center

Bombers will have a good first inning and score four runs

Faith & Wednesday will walk and conclude the scoring w/Gia & Erin

Faith pitches the first inning and gets three strikeouts, 3 up, 3 down

Erin bats in the 2nd inning with 2 on and 1 out and connects again

She drives it to right center and the base runners advance

Ella scores & Gia makes it to 3rd;   Erin & Ashlin will score & make it 8-0

Faith gets 2 strikeouts in the 2nd and Haley is tagged out at home, still 8-0

Erin bats in the 3rd with bases loaded and 2 outs, Gracie steals home

But Gia is ran down for the 3rd out and a 12-0 lead

Addison, Ella & Saniya on the bench as Faith finishes out the 3rd inning

She gets 2 strikeouts but gives up a hit and walks 4 when time runs out.

Bombers win 12-4 and tie up the playoff, forcing a Game 3

Handshakes after Game 3, umpires & players take a quick potty break

Should have put Erin in the 3rd inning & saved Faith for the 3rd in Game 3

Erin and Faith loosen up before Game 3, Erin will start

Coaches Vanessa & David hit fielding practice to the rest of the team

Erin pitches for the Home Bombers versus leadoff batter Charlotte who hits a ground ball toward the second baseman

Aliyah mishandles the ball and then makes a bad throw to Saniya

Charlotte gets two bases instead of out, Raptors go on to score 4 in the 1st

Erin bats 2nd, bottom of 1st, with no outs and Gia at 2nd base

She hits a nice single and goes for 2nd when the CF mishandles the ball

She is safe when 2B mishandles the ball, Gia scores the Bombers only run

Erin has a 2nd batter strikeout in a 1-2-3 second inning with a 3U and F6

Bombers will go scoreless in the bottom frame and still be down 1-4 after two

Erin pitches in the 3rd w/1 out, 2 on, after a walk, a hit and ROE

Anisten hits an RBI ground out to Norelle allowing Haley to score

But Norelle overthrows Saniya and Anisten gets two free bases

3 errors give the Raptors a Run-Ruled inning instead zero runs for a 1-9 lead

Angelina up, bottom 3rd, needing 5 runs for a hope to win

She coaxes a walk, as does Ella and Gia is hit by pitch;   All 3 score!

Erin up, same Bottom 3rd, with 1 out and down 4-9 with empty bases

She hits a hard grounder that deflects off SS to the left field fence

The throw to 2nd goes into RF and Erin continues rounding the bases

Erin scores the Bombers last run as both Ashlin (F6) & Faith (3U) get out

Erin & the Bombers need a quick inning to get a final at bat & 5 runs to win

Erin gets a 1st batter strikeout but then the next 5 reach w/2 scoring putting the game out of reach.   Raptors take the championship game 5-11

Raptors win their only 2 games of the season versus their fellow LC squad

Faith pitching the 3rd would have negated the bad defense for a Bomber win

LCGSA President announces the ring celebration for the 14U squads

Second place team receives their rings first, Faith is the first player called

Erin is upset with the loss but walks forward to receive her ring

And continues to shake hands w/her opponents before rejoining her team

Gracie shakes hands w/her fellow Bombers after congratulating the Raptors

The 1st Place Raptors receive their rings and shake hands with the Bombers

Haley is the last to get her ring and run the gauntlet

Bombers smile and show off their ridiculous 2nd place rings!

It was a great year and Vanessa & David enjoyed coaching the team

The team will get together a final time for food & fellowship on May 5th

The All Star Team will be formed in May from the two 14U teams for more play

Bombers have a strong start but finish the season 7-5-1