Easter Saturday in Tomball - April 8th, 2023

Head to Tomball to enjoy family, food and fun!

Alex, Erin, Cheyenne & Tor ready to hunt, Savanna stayed home sick

Missing one?   No problem, we can still hoist Tor like always

The cousins line up for easter egg sprint/hunt extravaganza

And they are off, going for the low hanging fruit first

Nena and Patsy enjoy the spectacle as the cousins dash about

The neighbors let Nena hid eggs in their yard as well

That spreads out the playing field & reduces the chance of knocking heads

Back to Nena's to scrutinize the landscaping rocks

Nena makes sure all eggs are found and removed from the yard

The pickings are slim 2.5 minutes after the starting gun sounded

Don, Donna and Patsy enjoyed the pandemonium

The cousins show off their collected eggs post hunt

And into the house to begin opening and sorting

A fifth basket is added and all contribute to Savanna home sick

The fun inside each egg is revealed and sorted

Afterward, the cousins play with soap bubbles on a fine Saturday afternoon

Karen shares her family Easter portrait in New Braunfels