NJHS Community Service - April 2023

Erin must fulfill 12 hours of community service for NJHS before May 1st

Playing softball, basketball, volleyball, track & tennis has made it hard

So squeeze it in after tennis and softball ends at the end of April

We go to various LC Parks, pick up trash and take in the sights

The larger Bark Park has a more interesting statue made of scrap metal

Community Center has a service dog tree carving beside it

Photo the K9 for the LC Police Department on April 22nd

She watches over the parking lot and looks out for mischievous citizens

Visit LC's largest Park, Walter Hall, on April 24th

Clear Creek provides ample trash to pick up for a 90 minute walk

GalCo Poor Farm was established here in 1887 until 1913

Mr. Sasser, a Landscape architect, helped develop Walter Hall Park

Click for a larger, readable History of GalCo Poor Farm image

Click for a larger, readable History of GalCo Park & Pavillion image

Visit the outrageously clean Heritage Park on April 26th

We are just sight seeing here as there is very little trash to pick up

Find an unusual bird at the park, my first sighting of a Scarlet Tanager

Visit Fairview Cemetery after finding little to pickup at Heritage Park

Mary Moore is still stomping around despite being 100 years older than me

And John Wilkes Booth was even born when Lincoln was assassinated

The Saracco's pet possum could not bear to be with out its owners

Robert & Mary would love their visiting angel 70 years after passing!