8th Grade Tennis - April 2023

Creekside travels to Dickinson HS April 4th to face Kranz & Space Center

Angie loses 3-6 to Kranz, Erin's 2nd single opponent was out sick

Erin finally gets to play versus Space Center's M. Turner

She demonstrates her surgically precise corner serve placement

And unleashes Coach Peterson's strategy of hitting balls at her opponent

Erin wins 6-2, Angie falls 3-6 to Kranz but wins over Space Center 6-1

Change uniforms and get a bite to eat before her 7:45 softball game in TXC

Angie, Erin & Creekside faces the TOP TWO tennis schools on April 11th

Erin faces Westbrook's 2nd Place District finisher from last year's tourney

Cathryn W. serves overhand was more velocity than Erin can handle

Erin has gotten good at placing her novice tennis serves

But longtime tennis players can power it back over the net beyond reach

Erin falls to her 2nd Singles Westbrook opponent 0-6 in quick succession

Erin's fellow & current scout Kate plays 3rd doubles for LCI vs Westbrook

Five of 13 Girls in their original troop play Intermediate Tennis!

Angie plays the #1 player in the district and loses 0-6 just like vs the #2

Erin plays the #1 2nd Singles Player in the district and will fare similarly

The LCI top singles players can overwhelm you with powerful serves

But can also beat you with their ball placement

As Erin runs back and forth to try to catch up with the ball

Erin has mastered her serve placement but not at the same speed

LCI's Lauren J. moves the ball around the court and wins the match 6-0

District Bracket has Erin as a #4 seed and Angie as a #8 seed next Tuesday

#4 Erin takes on #5 Bayside after defeating #12 Space Center

The top four second singles player received a bye and this is Erin's 1st match

Erin takes an early lead but then Bayside later evens the score

Going into a 6-6 tie, the two players follow the standard tie-breaker

Erin makes too many mistakes and Bayside wins the match

But on reporting the results, the tourney tie-breaker must be followed

So Erin and Bayside redo the tie breaker match with an official scorer

Erin builds up a small lead by avoiding the mental mistakes

Her opponent hits the match point into the net and Erin wins!

I'm sorry you thought you had won and then had to replay the tiebreaker

Erin next faces the #1 seed from LCI & last year's champ for 2nd Singles

Erin faced her last week & still isn't ready to return those serves

The first set is coming to terms with the speed of the serves

In the next court #2 Westbrook defeats #3 Victory Lakes 6-1

The two winners will face off for #1 & #2, the two losers for #3 & #4

The same four teams will face off in the same two final matches

Erin gets a couple points but loses the match 0-6

#1 LCI will face #2 Westbrook and #3 VLI will face #4 Creekside

#4 Erin faces #3 VLI's Maier for 3rd place, her 2nd opponent in week 1

Erin lost 6-1 in week one but has now had eight weeks to practice up

But her VLI opponent also has had eight weeks to practice up

Maier took 4th last year losing to Karmen (3rd) and wants to improve

Erin needs to keep moving balls across the court to have a chance

Maier is one of three 2nd Singles players who can overhand serve fast

And Erin is the best of those players who haven't figured it out yet

After getting a bloody nose warming up for the 1st match, Erin fades

Loses 0-6, takes 4th place but gets the ONLY points for Creekside

Erin is the only Creekside 8th Grader who earned points both years!

LCI won both 1st and 2nd Singles and the same two players do it again

Westbrook lost to LCI and took 2nd place in both 1st & 2nd Singles again

VLI won both doubles last year and fall to 3rd and 2nd this year

Kranz took Seabrooks only placing last year and Creekside's doubles placing

Kranz moves up to 4th place & Creekside settle for a tie for 5th