Erin's Confirmation - May 28th, 2023

Faith Builders dinner Saturday night in the Great Room at Hope Lutheran

Family, friends and sponsors join confirmation candidates for dinner

Jerry and Bonnie are Erin's sponsors, Aunt Kathy comes down for the event

Gpa Jerry and Ahma Nena also make tonight's event

Erin is happy to finally complete the process

Alex and Donna are also happy for Erin

Erin has seven members in her confirmation class

Family photos after the parent blessing and faith statement reading

Godparents Jerry and Bonnie happy for their niece

Ahma also happy for Erin's accomplishment

Pentecost Sunday morning and the confirmands prepare for their big moment

All seven don their white robe and red carnation

Seven candidates head to the sanctuary followed by Pastor Jon

Erin wore dress shoes today but still no dress

Confirmands ready to practice for the in-service ceremony

Walking to and fro and positioning around the altar practiced

Photos are taken after practice and before the service begins

Erin's turn for photos with the Pentecost red behind her

Erin and Pastor Jon

Hope Lutheran's 2023 Confirmands are: . . .

Ordered via height: Levi, Meagan, Kinsley, Trevor, Erin, Brentan & Kelsey

Mr. Don & Pastor Jon join their graduated 8th grade confirmation class

Confirmation class join Pastor Jon for the in-service children's message

The Rite of Confirmation begins after the offering

Three angles on Erin's confirmation: A) Church service telecast

David's point of view with paper blocking Erin's face

Thanks to Nena for the right side angle!

Communion hymn lines up great: This bread we break; this life we take.

What is this wine?   The blood of Jesus shed for mine;

Post service photos with family

Nena, Donna, Alex, Erin, Jerry, Kathy and David all happy to take part

Erin happy to not have to wear the family's burgandy confirmation suit jacket!