End of Intermediate School - May 2023

NJHS Leaders Ms. Russell, Ms. Paulson, & Ms. Walker in Kemah

Jenna gets Erin to ride the Boardwalk Bullet for the first time!

Angie takes selfies of Jenna and Erin riding the Flare

They bravely ride the top car for maximum G's

Girls Athletics Party at Urban Air where yearly awards are handed out

B Vball Offensive Player of the Year & Overall Cobra Award!!

Entire 8th Grade Class goes to Schlitterbahn on May 18th

Academic Awards are handed out on May 23rd

Core Value Awards are awarded first, Erin received one in the fall

Maylee receives one for the spring

As does Meagan as well as many other students

All A Honor Roll is award next and Erin's name is called out again

Erin took all AP classes and still made all A's this year

This is her third straight year of all A's in all AP classes

Principal Erin next awards the President's Outstanding Academic Excellence

Erin congratulates Erin for her Outstanding Academic Excellence

President Joe is also extremely proud

Make it safely home do to strong Zombie Control presence

Parents wait outside the exit on the last day of school

The 8th Graders will walk the halls a final time

Coaches Reitz and Butler lead the students out of the school

Sterling and friends make their way out of the building

Maylee and friends follow behind

Basketball players Sariah, Keena and Caylee are next out

Erin appears, following Jenna out of Creekside

She had friends sign her white NJHS shirt on the last day

A student putting on a monkey suit delays the school sign photo

Erin and Lily celebrate the ending of their intermediate years

Take Erin out to Chuy's, Alex is out with momma for a pedicure & lunch

David celebrates both girls now in high school with Elvis Memorial Platter