Bombers End-of-Season Party - May 5th, 2023

Party at King's BierHaus on Cinco de Mayo to avoid the cultural appropriators

David & Erin accent their traditional garb with an actual German Shepherd!

Find the softball party outside, in the heat with the loud band

Players and families begin arriving and filling the tables

I get a liter of Spaten Lager and Pork Jaeger Schnitzel

Erin, Ashlin, Saniya, Norelle, Gracie, Wednesday, Addison, Angelina enjoying

Parents and coaches get their food and beverage orders in

Saniya, Gia, Addison, Angelina, Erin and Aliyah eat at the table

Ashlin, Norelle and Wednesday enjoying the music

Visit with Addison's family awhile

Parents and siblings enjoy the food and talk about summer activities

Gracie joins the table with her six teammates and younger siblings

Dance floor heats up with the live band on break

Coaches David and Vanessa hear a song they like to dance to

Norelle & Gia's Moms, Emily, Christine, Shawn having fun

Saniya joins the dance floor, Angelina stays with Erin and Gia!

Erin and Gia happy to stay seated with Suzette in agreement behind them

Suzette takes the floor for the framing of the restaurant sign shot

Addison, Aliyah, Gracie and Erin are happy just to take it all in

Parents discuss joining the All Star team and other summer plans

Starting to cool off as the sun goes down

Enjoyed playing softball with you, have a great summer!