Megan's Beach Vball Tourney - May 27th, 2023

Erin and I drive to Galveston's East Beach to witness Megan's first 14U two-man beach volleyball tournament

Isabelle watches Megan serve in their 3rd game vs the #3 seed team

The teams play one game to 28 and switch sides every 7 points

Megan & Isabelle are trying out 2-man sand volleyball for the 1st time today

The sand and heat add a new tough dimension to be mastered

Erin, Pat & Isabelle's parents watch from the sidelines

Hundreds of other parents, friends and family members support as well

There are three rows of six courts for 18 total courts in play

Janet and Sarah watch the action in court 11 from home base

We watch from the side to get net free photos, but same distance away

Megan lifts the serve and Isabelle sets her for the return shot

Megan returns the ball back over the net and repositions for the comeback

We enjoyed our visit w/Janet, Megan, Pat & Sarah but must depart, busy day!

Overview of courts & their blue canopy from the pavillion's upstairs bathroom

Megan & Isabelle lost to the top 3 seeds but gained much experience today