Camp Ahma/Driving Lessons - June 2023

Alex stays with Ahma to take driving lessons in Tomball

First half of the class is learning driving laws amd passing a written test

She will then take actual driving lessons so practicing with Ahma

Night driving is the most awesomest !

Alex also helps Ahma with her pet sitting business

She hosts one bird but mostly dogs for her neighbors

Alex walks the dogs and these little ones are easy!   Sorry Rio

Best to walk in the morning or at dusk during a SE Texas summer

Alex and Ahma also experiment with healthier menu items

Find new recipes that bring the flavor but lower the calories & fat

You can't go wrong with fruit and eggs!

Ahma sends Alex's laptop off for repair and it closes again, thank you!

Dad brings all needed documents & we head to the DMV to apply for a permit

The written work is complete and now it is time to get in the drivers seat!

Alex will receive her official Texas DL in a couple weeks!

David and Erin visit on Father's Day and capture our annual photo

Alex will take professional driving lessons throughout July

Soon mom will get a 3rd vehicle and the insurance rates will go up