Oven & Fence Replacement - June 2023

Strong wind breaks two support posts of the back fence on June 8th

Neighbors installed this fence December 2015 and it already needs replacing

Superior Fence will completely replace the fence for $1480

Fence replacement occurs on Monday, June 12th

Old fence removed and new fence posts in place with cement

Cement dries around four new posts over the lunch hour

Finally put the neighbors cable on their side of the fence

Neighbors have DishTV but still nervous of whacking cables w/weedeater

Posts in-cased in cement should keep the fence standing more than 8 years

New fence completed after six hours

Superior Fence tweaks our sticking gate installed September 2021

Planed an eighth of an inch of wood from the door to stop the sticking

Hope construction ends soon so the grass can finally come back

Workers put a picket on the rear gate frame to lessen the see-through gap

Good lucking fence, hope it lasts 15-20 years!

Kitchen oven craps out after 23.5 years in June, won't heat up past 250 °F

Purchase a new GE oven for $1250 plus tax & install totaling under $1600

Old oven removed and new oven installed on June 15th

Now know how to take off the door for easy cleaning!

The hope for original kitchen wallpaper behind is dashed

Newer electronic specifications require a covered metal electric box

Final view of old oven in front yard before removal

Model and serial number of the GE oven that lasted 23.5 years

Replace it with the latest GE Oven estimated to last up to 8 years

Now have a time and temperature display and number keypad for input

Now all the kitchen appliances match in color including the dog!