Friendswood 4th of July Parade 2023

Ready for the annual Fwood 4th of July parade at Castlewood and Fwood Drive with a police car parked in our usual staging area

Looking toward Stevenson Park and the parade endpoint off in the distance

Coast Guard helicopter provides some breeze in the 88° temp (feels like 97°)

First police car signals the start of the parade

Knights of Columbus Color Guard always marches the flag on the 4th

The older Knights ride in the float bedecked in full uniform

No Grand Marshall again this year so begin with the Mayor & City Council

Mayor Mike in a 1972 Pontiac LeMans Sport convertible!

Council Member Trish Hanks in the 1971 Pontiac GTO

Council Member Robert Griffon in the 1955 Chevy Corvette Roadster

Recently elected Council Member Joe Matranga in the new Ford Bronco

Council Member Sally Branson in the new Ford Bronco

Council Member Steve Rockey in the new Ford Bronco

Steve takes a photo of me briefly posing before taking more photos

Fwood & LC's Precinct 4 Constable Justin West

Galveston County 405th District Court Judge Jared Robinson

Fwood & LC's Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace Kathleen McCumber

Hank Dugie, Co. Treasurer, & Jimmy Fullen hopes to be your next Sheriff

State Senator Mayes Middleton walks behind the SUV . . . applause

Fwood & LC's TX District 24 State Representative Greg Bonnen

TX District 129 (Harris Co. Fwood, Webster, JSC) ST Rep Dennis Paul

First float is Keep Fwood Beautiful entry towed by a newer John Deere

Later awarded the Best Overall Float for the 2023 Fwood 4th Parade

Annual Chamber of Commerce Raffle Car is a new Ford Bronco Sport

New TEBA Treasurer Robert & wife Phyllis in the back seat

Next in line is the first wave of corvettes

Love the color blue on this brand new 8th Generation vette

Houston Rockets badged 7th Generation vette

The only 3rd Generation vette and no 2nd Generation vettes present

Miss Galveston County looks great in a 7th Generation corvette

1939 Chevy Truck stepside with whitewall tires

Brad would approve!

Abe Lincoln & Lady Liberty stop briefly to talk with constituents

Minuteman soldier escorts the first youth gymnastics entry

Fwood Cheerleaders begin the extensive local high school presence

Football team rides on a vehicle able to handle their hefty girth

All walk, but the football team, including the high school color guard

Fwood Color Guard continues . . . football team walks during mile runs

Fwood HS Band plays patriotic songs as they march past

Fwood HS Drill Team, the 25 time National Champion Wranglerettes

Fwood Youth LaCrosse team has both boy and girl members of the team

Fwood Youth Football Team Colts with Cheerleaders amble on by

Rebecca Millo wants to be your next GalCo 10th District Court Judge

The new age Ghostbusters are next with their more economical Toyota

Anothr Home Dog Grooming option in the Fwood area

Witness Miss Liberty walk the route for the first time since 2011!

Fwood EMS and Firetrucks arrive with sirens blaring

New $1.5 Million ladder truck now that Fwood has a 4 story building

Engine E22 has the Fwood 8U Allstar baseball team aboard

Battleship Texas' mobile machine float is also in drydock

Very few Pearl Harbor Survivors so Sons & Daughters keep it remembered

Fancy Saturn Sky tows the Fwood Parade favorite Calliope

It rolls by playing that favorite circus song once again

My Cub Scout Pack 442 with one member representing 1975 me, walking

Fwood's Perfect Game Baseball Association Youth Tourney Champs

Fwood Girl Scout Troops with Daisies, Brownies and Juniors onboard

LRF Royals are Queen Sophie, Alt Queen Eleanor & Captain Luke

Ray Nolen also wants to be Sheriff of Galveston County

And he has 4 separate vehicles (2 shown) proclaiming it

Be Someone Sports promote youth basketball & volleyball leagues

Not the best look riding in a british car on the 4th of July

A boy sings for Pinch Me This Studio (Sing, Act, Dance & Perform)

Sweet 1968 International C-Series pickup

Nice John Deere tractor way forward of the rest of the antique tractors

My camera chokes on this image of a 1947 GMC Truck

Lt. Col Machol's truck has a new WWII Vet, 97 year old Bill Kongable

Bluebonnet Military Motor Pool takes center stage

First ever viewing of a 1945 Volkswagen Type 82 K├╝belwagen

Might also be referred to as Herbert the War Bug

The antique tractors make the scene with a gray International Harvestor taking the lead minus the John Deere that rode before the military pool vehicles

This gray tractor is a Ferguson, so two companies sporting gray

More firetrucks carrying more all star baseball teams but no softball

Fwood's Antique Firetruck carries the Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Group

Scott is aghast the Fwood Youth Football has replaced Chiefs with Broncos

Broncos Cheerleaders happy to wear blue instead of red color uniforms

Three Little Pitties Rescue group for neglected pitbull dogs

Wow, they, and a whole lot of donors, really love pitbulls!

Another youth sports league (didn't photo the organization name)

Fwood Library has their own Honda Odyssey minivan

Buffalo Catering given a pass for the nice inflatable buffalo float

Elite Mrs. Forever Beautiful Texas USA Susan Hefner

Fwood Youth Swim Team knows how to Swim Fast!

Fwood Girls Youth Athletic Group . . . Gynastics?   Softball?

Scott & his patriotic tattoo before departing before another batch of corvettes

Not sure if they are the prior batch who looped around to roll again

6U Blue World Series Bound all star baseball team (teeball league)

American Heritage Girls (faith based girl scouts started in 2013)

Trail Life USA (faith based boy scouts started in 2013)

Preventive Pest Control catches eyes with their vivid green company car

An eye catching 1963 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

Finally notice Billy Gibbons' coupe across the street, here for the parade

Another Fwood Perfect Game Baseball Association champion select team

Homeland Security Color Guard marches to monitor school board meetings

Sweet red 1955 Chevy 210

Catch the back with the antique 1955 lisence plate

Airway Dentists aid Sleep Disordered Breathing w/a humongous truck!

LC's Trail Life troop rolls down the Fwood parade route

Just learned that Futsal is soccer played on a basketball court

8 passenger golf cart w/luggage rack for those short distance holiday trips

Sweet 1957 Oldsmobile 88

The two tone white and black is a crowd pleaser!

A third Trail Life USA troop rolls by, only my old troop remained BSA

Aggie hunting, touristy or party vehicle easily carries 10 & controlled up top

ADCO Forestry shows off their shiny backhoe & new growth capabilities

Family celebrates the 4th and advertises daddy's golf cart business

Fwood's Director of Parks & Recreation, James Toney!

4th of July Steering Committee Chair, Barbara Blanchard

Fwood Parks & Rec vehicles conclude the parade . . . w/o any horses

The final Parks & Rec vehicle inspire onlookers to start packing up

Canopies are taken down & vehicle loaded up as the final police cars pass

Parade continues on to Stevenson Park where the carnival, market, food & beverage sales begin

Castlewood viewing area starts moving on to the park or their vehicles

It will be a wait before the intersection opens up again

First time we had a police car blocking the intersection

Rio can tell I've been outside awhile without her

Twin patriotic gin martinis to celebrate the 4th back at home

Parade entry winners announced later in the day

Meanwhile, in Tomball, the five cousins get together at Ahma's

They love to get together as often as they can

Erin, the 2nd youngest, is still the tallest but Tor is working on changing that

This is more fun that watching cars drive by for over an hour in 110° heat!