Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest - July 4th, 2023

Time for the annual hotdog eating championship down the road from Coney Island

Have a two hour weather delay for the first time ever

But the rains eventually depart and plenty of new fresh hotdogs are prepared for the eaters

The contestants are announced one by one and our first one is a rookie winning the wildcard contest

Our 2nd contestant was once buried alive under 60 cubic feet of popcorn and ate his way out to survival

3rd is a US Army Veteran & retired professional wrestler who once ate a gallon of chili in 94 seconds

4th has the world record for eating hard boiled eggs downing 20 in 84 seconds

Megastromi ate a 7 lbs sandwich on his wedding day & qualified for today's contest with 32.5 HDB

Our 6th contestant is the #1 ranked eater in Canada and qualified for today be eating 34.5 HDB

7th is a former Kentucky State Trooper & qualified by eating 40 HDB (hotdogs & buns)

8th is the #1 ranked eater in United Kingdom & has the World Record for Big Macs, 17 in one hour

9th has eaten 100 lbs of sushi, 18 lbs of hamburger curry, 12 lbs of Ghost Chile Ramen

10th is the #1 ranked eater in Australia & is the glazed donut champ of the world having eaten 59.5

11th is the #1 ranked eater in Japan & has eaten 20 lbs of ramen noodle & 17 lbs of poutine

#12 is the undisputed kale & bologny eating champ of the world & former sweet corn eating champ

#13 ate 50 hard boiled eggs in 3 mins 4 secs and finished off 2 gallons of baby food vegetable puree

Runner up the last two contests, holds 20 world records and has 19 wins in his last 23 outings

The video cameras come out as the 7 time straight defending champion is announced

Our 15th and final contestant holds 55 current world records which is in itself a world record!!

Your 4th of July Champion of the World . . . JOE - EEEEEEE . . . CHEST - NUT !!!!!!!!

He is a -5000 favorite, bet $100 on him to win and win $2

They have 10 minutes to eat as many hotdogs as they can but don't barf or you are disqualified

Are you ready to ride the tornado?     Are you ready to sip from the volcano?    GO!

And they are off!   Keep your hands and fingers clear of the table

First two dogs downed in 5 seconds!   Not invited to my house

Having won 8 in a row and now 7 in a row, placing the 3 times he hasn't won it all

He has a four dog lead and working to expand it 1:14 into the contest

The Australian donut eating champ briefly catches up with our 15 time winner

But then he chokes on the next 2 and drops back into 4th place

It is hard to see how many hotdogs are eaten within the flashing hands and slobber spray

Our favorite Australian moves back up within 3 but the champ continues his march to victory

His pace is just above 6 dogs/min almost 8 minutes into the contest

1st place is sewn up but there is a mighty battle for 2nd and 3rd

Our champ clears 60 but gets nowhere near the World Record of 76

Gentlemen, put your hotdogs down

Unofficial results give our champ his 16th victory but the judges must confirm

MLE #2 outlasted MLE #10 from Australia but he may drop to the single digits now

The champs' victory is confirmed and he has now won 8 in a row a second time

The greatest eater of all time still has what it takes 17 years later!

The 2 hour weather delay most definately affected his total numbers today

Judges confirm MLE #2 actually won by a 2 hotdog span over the Australian

Our champ has dropped below 70 for the 2nd year in a row, he was on crutches last year

I still have room for beers as my liquid lunch the rest of the day

He finally ended Kobayashi's 6 year championship reign in 2007

The ladies contest is broadcast next although it actually happened prior to the men's contest

8 time champ has a first time challenger going back and forth with her

They are neck and neck as the final seconds tick off, who will cough down the winning dog?

Unofficial results have our 8 straight championship winner adding a 9th win to her total

The official results are in and she does hold on for a 9th straight Pink Belt

It is also revealed that an extra 5 dog plate was erroneously included in the challengers tally

She disagrees with a dropped bun detracted from her total, positive she cleaned off 8 total plates

But she is happy to take the win and a 9th Pink Belt in a row (contest record)

Returning champs pose with their favorite emcee and championship belts

101+ hotdogs eaten in a ten minute span!     Taste the Freedom America!