My Third 19th Birthday - August 5th, 2023

Birthday lunch at Thai Cottage to see if the girls like it

Thai is tasty and healthy . . . so of course they do!

Erin loves her Princess of Siam and is now a Thai food disciple

I love my beef Chili Paste lunch special

Back home afterward for "Happy Birthday", carrot cake and presents!

Love the 5-7 candles on my birthday cake!

Open the gifts after blowing out the candles

The first gift is fantastic!   Talisker single malt!

Also get a Padron 1964 Presidente Cigar and matches

Get a 3-D dog birthday card signed by all including Felix, Dash & Rio

Donna has decided its time to smoke cigars in front of the girls!   Yay Me!

Cut a nice big slice of carrot cake with Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream

Erin eats her ice cream too fast and gets a brain freeze

Alex is happy for birthday celebration treats!

Later crack the Talisker and enjoy a long awaited indulgence

Eat at Pearland's Baytown Seafood after church on Sunday

Get the recommended 1 Fish, 5 Shrimp, 5 Oyster Platter Kathy & Dad order

Alex avoids the fried food and orders Pad Thai

The fish-fry is fantastic on the fish, shrimp & oysters;   Delicious!

Alex loves her Pad Thai and finishes the leftovers two meals later

Erin loves their Grilled Stuffed Sallman (sp);   It's not a hobo named Sallman

Dad was absolutely correct about the 1F-5S-5O platter, it was mighty fine!

Crack open the Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Presidente Natural

Neither Rio nor I have had a cigar in quite a while . . . you're next

Pair it up nicely with the birthday Talisker 10 year Single Malt

I feel like I'm in my late 20's! . . . Right now . . . Tomorrow, probably not

Finish off the 56 Botanicals Friday night before my birth day

This year will be dedicated to zesting up chicken, steak & pork!