Third Vehicle For The Girls - August 26th, 2023

Donna shops for a 3rd vehicle for the girls to learn to drive & take to school

She finds a cute, one year used Hyundai Venue Limited perfect for the task

It has a 1.6 L inline 4 gas engine with 121 hp, 11.9 gal tank & 29/33 MPG

It is 32in shorter than the Mazda; 51in shorter than the Expedition

It is 2.5in thinner than the Mazda & 23in thinner than the Expedition

And it only has 22300 plus miles on it thus far

Big information screen for navigation and the rear view camera

Grandpa checks it out after Sunday services and gives it his blessing

With Student Driver magnets in place, Alex is ready to take to the road!

Erin poses with the dealer plates before the license plates go on

We could store a lot more stuff if we had only two Venues or even house three Venues with precise parking