Ice Cream Social - September 4th, 2023

Time for the annual Fwood Labor Day Ice Cream Social!

Once again held at the more shady Perry Home museum

FHS NHS members earn community service hours doling out ice cream

LtoR: Dutch Chocolate, Homemade Vanilla, Strawberry & Mint Chocolate Chip

You can even add cookies to your Homemade Vanilla if desired (no oreos)

The serving begins and the excitement rises for free Blue Bell!

Iced down water and Capri Sun to cool off without more ice cream

Reese and Erin head straight to the Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla!

The people of Fwood are learning to love the annual ice cream social!

Alex, Holly and Elsie come and enjoy the goodness

Reese and Erin are on their 2nd helping of Strawberry ice cream

Holly finds a fellow teacher to discuss shop while the kids enjoy

Reese & Erin dig in below the tent beside the vegetable garden planters

Tim did a great job building the new boxes, now need some good gardeners!

Herbs and spices should green up the boxes by next spring

Erin and Reese team up and take on all takers at cornhole

Alex finds a partner and watches as Reese sends a bag Erin's way

Switch sides to watch Erin launch a bag toward Alex & Reese

Reese shows off her throwing skills while Alex scans for a new partner

Plenty of Jimmy Buffet songs add to the ambience of the event

Former Mayor David Smith welcomes all to the event & thanks the helpers

The crowd listens in while ice cream is still being served

City Counsel Member Steve Rockey gives the history of the ice cream social

From the minutes of the September 12th, 1912 Thimble Society . . .

Social's raised money for projects and there was plenty of cream & eggs

But ice had to be brought via horse & buggy from Alvin (8 miles)