14U Texas Havoc Softball - September 2023

Fall 14U Rec League starts September 17th w/Erin the #1 pitcher for her team

Erin's Texas Havoc faces the SF Smokin' Aces on Dickinson Field 2

After two errors, the Havoc defense makes an out to end the inning down 0-2

Erin bats in the 3rd with one on and two out with Havoc down 2-3

She drives a ball toward left center that gets by the outfielders for extra bases   (Erin hit into a 6-3 RBI out in the 1st on the 1st pitch, no video)

Courtney heads to 3rd with the high fly ball directly over her head

Erin rounds first on the way to 2nd as Courtney ties the game, 3-3

Erin continues to 3rd with the outfielders still collecting the ball

She strokes a game tieing RBI triple but is left stranded when Maylee K's

Erin tosses 6 strikeouts & makes two plays on the mound for 8 of the 12 team outs

Havoc is unable to plate the winning run before time runs out

Texas Havoc ties SF Smokin' Aces 3-3, next up, LC's 2nd team, Riptide

Jill (Legacy '22) pitches for Riptide to Erin w/1 out & Saniya on base

She rolls a ball into Erin's foot and Erin takes a free base

Bad call has Erin out at 2nd on a late FC throw, Havoc ties the game 1-1

Strong Havoc defense gets Ashlin out in the 2nd

Erin pitching well against Meredith who reaches on catchers interference

Meredith will work her away round the bases and score the go ahead run

Anastyn strikes out but Maylee drops the 3rd strike

The ball doesn't travel far and Maylee scoops it up for a throw to 1st

Maylee will make the play but Meredith will advance to 3rd

Angelina will walk but be thrown out stealing 3rd

Havoc Defense: 3B-Aria, LF-Lexi, SS-Courtney, CF-Norelle, P-Erin, C-Maylee, 2B-Saniya, RF-Sabrina, and 1B-Kylie

Myla pitches the 2nd & 3rd innings for Riptide and gets 6 strikeouts

Erin's extra bases power is nullified as she is hit by pitch again

And Havoc cannot mount enough offense to score runs the last two innings

LC Riptide beats LC Havoc 2-1 in their only scheduled matchup

Very close game but decided by 1 run and a few defensive plays

Havoc starts the season 0-1-1 but coaches now know what to work on!