Idaho State Capitol - July 24th, 2020

Visit the Idaho State Capitol in Boise

Approach from Jefferson/6th Street on the southeast corner

The 5'7" eagle atop the dome was gilded in gold in 2005

Enter through the east side and walk toward the center rotunda

First floor stairs going down to the garden level and up to the 2nd

Garden level floor beneath the dome

View up toward the first floor railing above the garden level

Back up to the first floor for a view of the railing and 2nd & 3rd floors

View of the supports holding up the dome

43 stars are painted at top indicating Idaho's addition to the Union

View of the north side of capitol across State Street

Circle around to the southwest side at Jefferson/8th Streets

42 pound Sea Coast gun used at the Siege of Vicksburg, installed here 1910

Construction of the capitol began in 1905 and was complete in 1920

View of the grand south entrance from across Jefferson Street

Straight on shot from the Steunenberg statue across Jefferson Street

Frank Steunenberg was the 4th governor of Idaho, 1897-1900

He was assassinated with a bomb in 1905 by a Miner Federation hitman

Cross the street to the grand entrance and its 208 feet tall structure

Capitol manhole covers are embossed with the Great Seal of Idaho!

Liberty Bell replica cast in France in 1950 and presented to each state

View the dome with Idaho flag slightly lower than the US flag

Cross back across Jefferson Street for a southeast angle w/clouds above

Walk toward Bannock Street to the Abraham Lincoln statue

Entire Gettysburg Address dated November 19, 1863 on the south side

JW Booth should have listened to Malice toward none, charity for all

View of Lincoln looking due west before the Idaho State Capitol

State & US flags plus Steunenberg statue between Lincoln and the capitol

Cecil Andrus served four terms as Governor of Idaho over 24 year span

He served as Secretary of the Interior in between governor terms

He opposed nuclear waste in Idaho & supported the endangered species act

A marker in the park for undefeated #4 Boise State who defeated #3 TCU (12-0)

Pass by Boise State's blue grass field Stadium along Broadway Avenue